Monday, 30 April 2012

DAY 30

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DAY 30

Energy level: Some bounce detectable
Attitude: Optimistic and happy
Physical Condition: Throat - sore and swollen, not quite so tired

Welcome to Week 6
Hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine was pretty busy - for me! I had a visitor on Saturday - my friend and colleague Tracy, who brought me up-to-date on news from work and also brought me some Malibu Pineapple Curd. She thought I might like the taste. I actually tried some on toast this morning and it is very nice :-) Thanks Tracy!

Also on Sunday I went to Cheadle and saw my parents and my brother Dom and his wife Sharon. It must be weeks since I've seen them. It was nice to have a catch-up with them too. Feeling a bit more sociable now. My dad showed me some photos from when he was undergoing radiotherapy for his prostate cancer - and I recognised the lady he was hugging. She is still working there. He gave me a couple to take in to show her. We only stayed an hour and a half but I was exhausted by the time I got back. Another afternoon of snoozing and snooker :-)

There was a bit of delay today, as the waiting room was pretty full. I think one of the machines had been out of order for a short while and they were trying to catch up.Bob was a bit out of sorts and fed-up of waiting - he is missing Harry and another chap who used to be there everyday. We managed to get him talking though - and I think he's bonding with the Hairy Biker guy, who is really friendly.

When my turn came I gave the radiographer my card - and the two photos were inside. I asked if the lady on them was working today - and she said yes - her name is Chris. They all had a look and were reminiscing about when they worked in the old department. They recognised my dad and the other chap with him. They were there in silly hats with balloons because it had been my dad's last day of treatment. That was back in 2007.

So I had treatment number 30 and they reminded me that I had to see Dr Gahir today. I hadn't forgotten. We went to the main waiting room and it wasn't long until she came out to call my name. We followed her into her consulting room and she asked how I was doing. I told her I thought I was doing okay. She asked me to lie on the bed and she had a look in my mouth, at my suntan and my PEG. She said everything looked as it should and that I was doing well. She said it was unusual for someone to have a PEG fitted and not use it. I was pleased that she said my throat would get better quicker if I was still eating normally. :-) I do hope so!

Seems I don't need a blood test as they aren't going to give me any more chemo (yay!!) and the next time I go back it will be to see Mr Hughes back in the Head and Neck Clinic in about six weeks time. They are going to give me some time to recover before they examine me again. That is good news. Outpatients has just moved into the new building - so it will be quite exciting. Then in two or three months I will have another scan - to see if everything is clear. I think that is going to be the most stressful thing so far. Waititng for the results of that one is going to be hard.

When we came out of Dr Gahir's room, Chris was waiting for us. The other radiographers had told her that we had photos of her - so she asked to see them. I showed her a picture of her hugging my dad in his hooded dressing gown - and posing with two of them in their silly hats. She laughed and said they used to have some parties in the old department! I think my dad got told off for being a bit noisy once. But when you are going through something like this - visiting the hospital and seeing the same people each day who are going through the same thing - is part of your social life. It's good to have a chuckle - it diffuses the tension. :-)

Three more and counting......

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