Thursday, 19 April 2012

DAY 23

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DAY 23

Energy level: Bouncy
Attitude: Optimistic 
Physical Condition: More Appetite

Today is Thursday so that means Dietician Day! First I had my usual treatment - the DGC were on good form and were pleased to see that I was smiling. Bob - one guy who comes on his own always brings his own flask of water in his large black bag. Maybe he doesn't trust hospital water. They have a rule for the DGC - they have to drink a pint before they are allowed onto their machine. There are some pretty pained expressions if there is ever a delay - I can tell you!
Anyway yesterday in Bob's black bag he had...five boxes of Maltesers. It seems he was off to visit his cousin after the treatment, and she lives in a small village and can't get them.
Guess what Bob had in his black bag today?
Two meat pies!
He said there is a Pound Pie Shop in Newcastle and he'd bought them for his tea. I wonder what he'll have in there tomorrow?

Anyway - my treatment wasn't delayed so I was  soon out in the main Waiting Room until my name was called to see Catherine. It had been a fortnight since I saw her. She weighed me first. I warned her I must have lost some as I'd had a horrible chemo week while she'd been away. I had gone down from 10stone 2lbs to 9 stone 7lbs. I thought that was pretty good - but she wasn't too happy. She asked me to list what I'd eaten in the last 24 hours. Then she decided to prescribe me some shots! Not injections - no! Sadly not alcoholic shots either, but little shots of high-calorie drinks, I told her I only like the taste of banana at the moment and she said they actually do it in that flavour!

She managed to locate Dr Gahir, who had to sign the prescription, then we had a nice little walk in the fresh air up to the Pharmacy. The sad news is that all the banana had gone so I am stuck with strawberry. I have to have one four times a day. I can add them to milk shakes or any other food really. I might start them tomorrow :-) At least it is stuff I can drink - I don't have to put it down the tube!

So hopefully it will build up my strength a bit. We are close to the end of Week 5 :-)

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