Wednesday, 18 April 2012

DAY 22

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DAY 22

Energy level: A bit Bouncy
Attitude: Optimistic 
Physical Condition: More Appetite - a little  fatigue.

Woo! Look at that - 22 out of 33 - that means two thirds of the way through!
Only 11 more to go.
Today the Dressing Gown Club professed themselves "sneaped" because I went there in my new starry Vans - that is a pair of soft pumps :-) They didn't hear me coming at all. I will have to think of something special to wear for my last day. Maybe my highest heels - or some spiky boots? Heehee - will need to impress that day!

No delays today - so I relaxed to Ticket to Ride by the Beatles, while the machine did its work. Then I was told that the nurse wanted to see me - just to check how I was coping with the side-effects. So we had to wait around a little while in the main waiting room.

We got in and saw the nurse practitioner that I'd seen once before at the beginning of my treatment. Turns out she likes to see everyone once a week - but she'd been away for a while. She asked how I was doing - I told her about the grotty week I'd just had - she said it was early days as it was only a week since chemo. It takes a while for it to leave the body. She asked if I could still swallow - and I told her I could eat pretty much anything. She was impressed that I'd had chilli con carne last night. She asked if I had to take painkillers - as she looked in my mouth and said she could see that it was pretty sore. It's not that bad - I don't need to take anything yet.
She said "Have you got a really high pain threshold or something?"
She said that she'd give me 10 out of 10 so far!

I did mention the noises in my ear too - which are pretty loud right now. She said it should reduce once the chemo clears - but if not they will refer me to an audiologist.

So it is all going well :-)


  1. Ooo, just seen today's post having left you a comment on yesterday's. Love the fact that you 'sneaped' the DGC. Wow, 10 out of 10 AND talking about your last day there! Berni! As for hearing problems, we have a few poems up our sleeves for that but let's hope you won't need them ;)

    Caroline x

  2. Heehee - glad you are still reading this Caroline! I am very happy to be thinking seriously about my last day of treatment - and getting back to work. It will be a very happy day when I get back behind my counter :-)