Thursday, 12 April 2012

DAY 18

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DAY 18

Energy level: Almost Bouncy
Attitude: Optimistic and very happy
Physical Condition: Not sick - just tired!

I am happy to report another sickness-free day today. I haven't much of an appetite and keep falling asleep - but that's not too bad :-)
I had a nice quick trip to the hospital, dodging the hail showers, to get there. As I turned the corner into the LA3/LA4 waiting room all the Dressing Gown Club turned to me and said "We knew it was you coming - we recognise your footsteps now!" They claim to have been able to hear me clip clopping along right from the main entrance! I think they're having me on :-)

Today as I lay on the machine, mask fitted tight around my face and shoulders I was treated to Bonnie Tyler singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" It actually made me giggle a bit as I always remember seeing the Literal Video to it. Click that link if you want to see something very funny. Warning - you'll never be able to take the song seriously again!

I didn't have an appointment with the dietitian this week as my usual one, Catherine is on holiday (Somewhere nice I hope!) They said I could see someone if I needed to - but I'm not having any problems eating - in fact my tongue has got a bit better. So no need for the feeding tube yet :-) That means that I don't know if I've lost weight this week or put it on. I did try to feed myself up a bit over Easter - ready for the lack of food this week. So I guess I am exactly the same :-)

Time for a snooze....


  1. So glad that you haven't been sick again, Berni. Halfway, can you believe it! I am thrilled for you. On the subject of up hill and down dale, watch BBC Countryfile this Sunday evening but don't let on ;)

    Caroline xxx

    1. Oooh - I managed to catch-up with this programme this morning :-) That was fantastic! I am pretty excited now! xx