Wednesday, 25 April 2012

DAY 27

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DAY 27

Energy level: Not quite bouncy
Attitude: Optimistic 
Physical Condition: Mouth - slightly better, very tired though

Today is the day that I finally saw Bob's parrot! Yes - when I got there today he had already got his dressing gown on and there it was sitting on his shoulder. Very colourful and cute. I think he sweet talks the radiographers. :-) It was also Harry's last day! He was very happy about that - although Bob was pretty grumpy because he's got loads to go yet. Hopefully, I might be able to cheer him up a bit tomorrow with a little surprise of my own - watch this space....

We wished Harry all the best - it won't be the same without him and his wife. They've been very friendly since the first day I started my treatment. it turns out they only live up the road from us - so we may bump into them occasionally. I told him that my dad had gone through the same treatment five years ago and he was fine. I hope Harry will too :-)

Also saw Frank - he had to come in for another mask fitting as his original one no longer fits as he's lost so much weight. He only has 5 to go - he finishes the day before me. He still hasn't had the blood test results so still may have to have his chemo - if it has recovered.

I was expecting to see the nurse today - but was told it might be tomorrow or Friday. But tomorrow is Catherine day - when I have to get weighed. Frank suggested that I put stones in my pockets before I get on the scales. I was already thinking about that - heehee!

I have eaten well though - this evening Nathan made me his famous Tagliatelle Carbonara - full of fattening things like pasta. egg yolks, cream and Parmesan cheese. It tasted really good still and has to be worth a few extra pounds on my hips :-)

I remember when I went for my mask fitting before all this started the Radiographer in charge told me that towards the end of my treatment I would be going in, getting it done then going home straight to bed. Today was the first time I've had to do that. I slept for three hours solid. It certainly takes it out of you!

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