Thursday, 26 April 2012

DAY 28

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DAY 28

Energy level: Quite bouncy
Attitude: Optimistic 
Physical Condition: Mouth - slightly better, not so tired

I went into the LA3 waiting room today with a black bag. Said hello to Bob, then sat down. I took off my scarf and coat and then reached into my black bag and took out a HUGE parrot, which I sat on my shoulder. Waited for Bob to look over - and then nearly choke on his water when he saw the size of my parrot :-) There is a new member of the DGC, to replace Harry I guess. He looks a bit like one of the hairy bikers, with an impressive white beard. He asked me if I'd been given it by the radiographers - so I had to confess that I'd brought it in from home just to make Bob jealous.

When the radiographer came out to collect me - she thought is was brilliant and went and told the others that I had rivalled Bob's parrot. My mum gave it to me - it is like a Beanie Baby - but about ten times bigger. I'm glad it cheered everyone up.

I had a quick session today, then had to go and wait to see Catherine. She popped out to collect me - but Nathan hadn't even come in yet - he was still queueing to park the car! So I went into her office - she had a student with her today, just lolling on the bed for some reason. Anyway, Catherine asked how I was and whether I had been eating properly. I told her I had - and she asked me to get on the scales. I did, with some trepidation, but it turns out I had put 2lbs on! She was very happy with that. She asked me if I'd tried the prune juice and I told her it had been an immediate success. She said it's like a miracle cure :-)

She said that most people who have a tube fitted do end up having to use it - but that I had done very well. I was quite pleased. I only have to see her once more next week - then that is it! This time next week I will be done!

I was walking out of the main entrance when Nathan was just coming in. I had been so quick. He had to get a new parking permit though - as we only noticed yesterday as we left that our latest one was about 4 days out-of-date! Luckily no-one in the car park had noticed. So we got another week's permit - our last one :-)

Wasn't too tired today - lay on the sofa for a bit watching some soothing snooker. I enjoyed that - though I may have had a little doze when Mark Williams was on. Am going to relax now and drink a glass of Shloer Rose - and pretend it is wine :-)

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