Wednesday, 11 April 2012

DAY 17

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DAY 17

Energy level: Slightly Bouncy
Attitude: Optimistic and very happy
Physical Condition: Not sick!

Hasn't it been a lovely day? I hope you enjoyed it whatever you were doing. Yeah I know it rained and hailed etc - but I have really enjoyed NOT being sick! So far - and we are quite a way through the day now - I have been absolutely fine! Touch wood - and everything else.

Nathan got a call from the Cancer Centre much to his surprise they told him he'd won a bottle of French Brandy in the "Name the Sheep" Competition! We picked it up after my treatment today - he got one or two enquiring looks as we walked through the hospital with a large bottle of alcohol :-) And the name he picked from the list of sheep names? Brenda!

This EMEND is awesome. I could go off and have my radiotherapy without worrying what might happen, It was great. Also great is the fact that I am at the exact mid-point of radiotherapy now. That means I can start counting down now - only 16 to go. I am very happy about that too.

Nathan did some research on EMEND compared with the one I had last time. The old one is only effective in just over 50% of cases whereas EMEND has a success rate over 85%. It is pretty new - and expensive. Something like £200 per tablet. I only get three - a strong one on the actual day of chemo, then one for today and another tomorrow. I am so grateful to have them. I love the NHS - can't say it enough!

I am feeling pretty tired - had an afternoon nap that lasted about three hours! But now I have enough energy to watch The Apprentice :-)

Before I go - just let me tell you about that photo from yesterday. My mum was telling me that it was the time they stayed in a Guesthouse in Blackpool and that night they put me to bed and went down to the dining room, while I slept. When they popped up to check on me a little while later, I had managed to climb up on the dressing table, get hold of my mum's lipstick and then proceeded to cover my whole face - and the bedsheets and covers with the stuff! They took me downstairs and everyone was in hysterics at the sight of me. The Landlady had to go and change all the sheets - I don't know if they got charged for the extra washing!

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