Tuesday, 3 April 2012

DAY 12

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DAY 12

Energy level: Quite Bouncy
Attitude: Optimistic and happy
Physical Condition: Pretty good - but a more of a sore tongue and mouth

Got a bit wet running into the Cancer Centre today definitely a return to Winter for a while. I had two appointments today - the usual Radiotherapy at 2pm and then a visit to the consultant at 3pm. Chemo is just upstairs from Radio so it wasn't far to go. I got the radio done first. Hardly any wait today - things seemed to be running more smoothly. The four radiotherapists were raving about my blouse - they loved it. It is a floral one with little navy blue ties at the collar. I told them it was only Primark - but from the mega-huge store they have in London.

We got upstairs a bit early - but were seen right away! I was expecting to see Dr Gahir, but it turns out she is on holiday. Who can blame her? I'm sure she deserves it. So I got to see a colleague of hers although I didn't quite catch his name. I am a bit deaf with all this tinnitus that the last chemo session gave me. I am told that it might clear up - but it might not!

Anyway he was a very nice man, He looked a little Egyptian and had lovely wavy hair and a very pleasant manner. He told me right away that my blood was fine - so it must have recovered from the chemo killing off all its useful cells :-) I am pretty impressed by that. So that sadly means that I AM fit for more chemo next Tuesday. Well I guess I shouldn't be sad., The sooner we get that over with the better! He asked how I'd been last time so I told him my tale of woe. He was very sympathetic and said he'd give me some EMEND next time. It is meant to be very good - especially against platinum-based drugs like Cisplatin. Let's hope it works this time!

I have to have another blood test next Monday - just so they can make sure that I'm still good to be poisoned again on Tuesday :-) As it's a Bank Holiday I have to get it done at the Cancer Centre at 11.45am. Shame as I thought I was getting Monday off - there's no radio that day at least. Still, I guess I'd start developing withdrawal symptoms if I didnt go every day!

I have noticed the inside of my mouth getting pretty sore now. Some things taste a little sharp - so I guess I'll soon have to go onto smooth, bland foods. Ready brek, mashed potatoes, and lots of yoghurts and ice cream. Doesn't sound too bad :-) Talking to Frank yesterday he mentioned that he can't taste anything unless it's covered in tomato ketchup. At least I haven't reached that stage yet.
They say that pineapple is very good for dry mouths and frozen grapes! Who would have thought of freezing grapes? We tried it and it was pretty soothing actually.

If anyone else has any tips - please send them over :-)

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  1. Just to wish you something yummy over Easter, Berni, even if it isn't chocolate!

    Thinking of you.

    Caroline x