Friday, 20 April 2012

DAY 24

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DAY 24

Energy level: Bouncy
Attitude: Optimistic 
Physical Condition: Some Appetite and a bit more Energy

Well today has been a bit of a topsy-turvy day. Firstly we had to be at the hospital by 8.50am. Actually at that time of the morning is was all fresh and cool and sunny. It felt nice. The reason is that my radiotherapy machine - LA3 was having a service today - so they had to put me on LA2 early - before its usual customers came in.

It even has a different waiting room. When I got there is was pretty full. I noticed they had a stereo, some biscuits and jigsaws in this one - as well as the usual cricket and golfing magazines. I didn't recognise anyone there - so I don't even get to find out what was in Bob's Black Bag today. There were one or two Dressing Gown clad men - but they obviously don't like to show their legs - as they still had jeans on underneath!

Luckily I was called in almost as soon as I got there. I was taken into the room and it was entirely opposite to the one I'm used to. Everything was the other way round. Luckily I noticed before I tried to lie down on it the wrong way! Otherwise once I had the mask on it felt pretty much the same. They did seem to have the radio on playing some U2 I think. Then I leapt off and couldn't find my cardi and glasses on the chair - as I was on the wrong side. Eventually I was dressed and out :-)

There we go - the end of Week 5! Only 9 more sessions to go - that is in single figures now! The radiotherapist did say that the burning on the outside has gone through to my back now - so I need to put the E45 on there now too. But it's not too sore.

I have been having a bit of a constipation problem due to all the anti-sickness medication I was taking last week. The Dietician suggested prune juice - which I have to report tasted rather nice (but then my taste buds are pretty messed up - heehee!) Also - it works :-) Just think of that as a Public Service Announcement. I share my indignities to help you too :-)

I had another appointment today - a telephone interview with the Occupational Health department of the council where I work. It had to be via phone as I am in my low blood count phase after chemo and I could easily pick up an infection if I mix with other people.

I wasn't too sure what to expect - I have been off since 31st January when I had my radical neck dissection. I was called by a lovely nurse called Tracy who was so helpful and understanding. It did feel quite exciting to be talking about going back to work :-) Imagine going back to a normal life!

We talked about all the treatment I've been having and whether I will need any help returning to work. Obviously I have less mobility on my right arm and shoulder - as so many nerves were cut. Some feeling won't come back but I can pretty much move it as usual. It's only slightly restricted. I may be able to get some physiotherapy through work to help with that. Also, once I've recovered from the radiotherapy I will be able to have a phased return - to help build up my strength and overcome the fatigue. She worked out that the earliest I might return could be mid-June. I am really looking forward to that!

She asked how my mood was - I told her I was pretty positive. I have a great network of family and friends - and that I'd had so many cards, letters and calls from my customers that they keep my spirits up!

What a lucky person I am :-)

Tell you what though - I can't wait to be able to go out and about and socialise once more.


  1. VERY happy to read you're in single digits now -- am so looking forward to hearing THE END of this episode (no more than you are, though, I'm sure). Have you thought about publishing this blog when all treatement is finished and you're given the all clear? It's a wonderful commentary on your experience, and I'll bet would inspire a lot of people!

    Glad also that you liked the prune juice (ugh!)

    1. Thanks Susan! Yes prune juice one of the few things that actually tastes okay! I do like the idea of publishing this when I'm done. I've identified a few publishers who do real life stories like this - but none accept submissions unless through an agent. I need to get myself one - not sure how to pitch it though. Will give it some thought :-)