Thursday, 5 April 2012

DAY 13

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DAY 13

Energy level: A little Bouncy
Attitude: Optimistic and happy
Physical Condition: Pretty good - still a sore tongue and mouth

Oh my goodness - I forgot to write a blog yesterday! Hope you weren't worried :-) Heehee!
Well it was another long wait for radiotherapy. I was there before my time but at 3pm I was still waiting. I was beginning to think that the Receptionist hadn't actually booked me in. You have to book in and out of Reception each time - so that when you get to the machine the radiographers know you have arrived and are waiting.

I thought maybe I'd not been clicked properly on the screen. I knocked on the staff door and interupted one of them eating her lunch, She checked her screen and said not to worry as I was next.

Meanwhile Frank had arrived with his wife for his 3pm appointment. It was nice to have another chat and catch-up. Turns out we are both having our next chemo on the same day - next Tuesday in Pod 1. His wife was saying what a long boring day it would be and she and Nathan were planning to go to the pub and leave us to it! Heehee - sounds like a good idea. I wouldn't blame them.

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