Thursday, 5 April 2012

DAY 14

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DAY 14

Energy level: a BIT Bouncy
Attitude: Optimistic and happy
Physical Condition: Good - but sore tongue and mouth

It was a bit of a nicer day today - the car was red hot inside when we got in to go to the hospital. Today I was in and out in no time - and I got some more stickers! A very cute Easter Bunny and one that declares "Awesome!" One of the Dressing Gown Club was on his last visit and seemed ecstatic. I think I'll be the same when it is my turn. He'd brought a Thank-You card and chocolates for the Radiographers - isn't that nice?

A lady who was sat on my side said to them "I'm glad I don't have to get my legs out!" and they apologised for having to inflict theirs on us :-) You'd think they'd at least put a bit of fake tan on so they weren't so blindingly white!

I let the Radiographers know that I was definitely having to have chemo on Tuesday so they changed my 2pm appointment to an 8.30am one. They don't let you off no matter what you are doing!

When I jumped off the machine (it is pretty high up!), after being irradiated to the sound of "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" by George Michael and Elton John -  they told me that the dietician was waiting to see me.

We walked round to Catherine's office and she looked pretty happy to see us. It seems that she has a week off next week and is really looking forward to it. She asked me if it was too painful to eat yet and I said no - it wasn't that bad. I explained that I had taken up her suggestion of the cream cake diet and had probably put weight ON this week. Sure enough as I hopped on the scales I had indeed put on 2lbs. She was very pleased by that (yay!) I need to build up my strength - I told her I wouldn't be eating much next week after the chemo.

So I was allowed to leave without a prescription for liquid food for my tube. She did say that I seemed to be doing really well as most people are struggling by this stage. Also the radiographers seem surprised that my neck hasn't burned or gone red yet. Perhaps they forget to switch the machine on!!

Had a bit of a shopping spree for Easter Eggs after that - as I am fit enough to go to our family get-together on Easter Sunday. Just hope no-one buys me any Easter eggs - I don't like chocolate anymore. I would welcome grapes though - food of the gods :-)

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