Tuesday, 17 April 2012

DAY 21

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DAY 21

Energy level: Almost back to Bouncy
Attitude: Optimistic 
Physical Condition: Some Appetite - some fatigue.


At last there seems to be some slight improvement in my condition. I actually got up before 7am and got myself some breakfast because I was hungry! I managed a WHOLE one weetabix (not just half!) with some skimmed milk. I am actually supposed to be having full cream milk, fortified with powdered milk and ice cream (I kid you not - it's in my booklet!) but that is far too rich at the moment.
Later in the morning I had some fresh pineapple - but sadly my mouth is getting a bit too sore to cope with that.
Then, before I went to the hospital I had a slice of hot buttered toast with a spoonful of beans in the middle. That was actually quite tasty. Followed by half a banana. Quite a big lunch I think you'll agree :-)

When I got to Radiotherapy all the DGC said I was looking much better than yesterday - which made me feel much better too! They said I was very pale and withdrawn yesterday - but a lot more talkative today. It does make a difference to have some sustenance inside you. I guess I haven't eaten for the best part of a week.

So I think I am over the worst - hopefully will get back on track for the rest of my radiotherapy.
I had some chili con carne for tea this evening and am having some banana milkshake for supper. I did try some Tropicana orange - which I usually love - but tasted horrible today. Also tried some Pomegranate drink (full of good anti-oxidants!) but that tasted of metal. So looks like it is milk for now - to build up my strength.

So I feel happier and not so wobbly. Here's something else that made me smile today too :-)


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  1. Sorry to hear you had a rough weekend, Berni, but glad that you had the DGC cheering you on yesterday as well as the staff. I hope that you are feeling a bit better by the time you read this too. Fresh pineapple is quite something or other, isn't it? Acid, full of enzymes? Iced tea in Charleston, hey? I lived in California for 3 years but could never get a taste for iced tea myself. I'm glad it helped you though! As for cats doing impressions, my two have spent the day doing a very good impression of needing the radiator by their cat bed turned up full blast because it is mid-winter! Stay warm and take care.

    Caroline x