Tuesday, 24 April 2012

DAY 26

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DAY 26

Energy level: Bouncy
Attitude: Optimistic 
Physical Condition: Mouth - slightly better

I think my blood count must be coming up again as my mouth seems slightly better on the inside - so it must be managing to heal again. By the end of the week I may be safe to go out and be among people again. Thank goodness.

At the moment the only time I go out is to the hospital each day. Today I was making lunch ready to go off at 2pm when I got a phonecall from the radiotherapy department telling me that my machine - the awesome LA3 - was broken! They didn't know how long it would take to find the fault and mend it - so they asked if I would come over around twenty past five. So, at least I didn't have to rush lunch. i did some home baked French bread and had it with hummus. Was rather tasty - and I managed the scratchy bread just fine. :-)

I had a nice surprise through the post today. my lovely sister-in-law in York - Jan sent me one of those Buy a Gift Experiences. It is a Couples Photo Session - where you can go with your partner and get made up and styled and have photos taken in various outfits. It sounds like a fun pampering thing to enjoy. I will look forward to that - although I might wait until my radiation burns have disappeared first. Luckily it lasts until next February. :-) It's so cool to have nice things to look forward to.

When we did go to the hospital the place was deserted. We got into the car park without having to queue and wait, there was no-one in the waiting room and the receptionist had to tell us how to let ourselves out as the doors would be locked when we were finished!

There was no DGC, sadly. I bet they wondered where I was today. I guess they would have seen that my machine was out of action, as it would have been put on its whiteboard. Anyway - I had only just sat down when I was called in. They had managed to fix the machine - so I was on my usual one. Didn't take many minutes and we were on our way home again.

I am still trying to build myself up - by eating lots! I am actually feeling stronger today. I had some rather nice fillet steak (lots of iron :-) and a rather tasty stuffed mushroom. I find savoury things taste nicer right now. That was delicious! I tried having a cup of tea again - just to see if I like it again yet. Tried it first without milk - not nice, with milk - okay and then with added sugar - just about drinkable. Not enjoyable though. It used to be my favourite refreshing drink. Maybe I should try coffee which I hated before all this. Perhaps that tastes like nectar now - heehee!

Anyway - only 7 more to go.


  1. 7 more: roll on that day, m'dear! :-)

  2. Yes, I'm definitely still here, Berni :) I thought of you trying to get to the hospital today. Been raining cats and dogs here. Bet the DGC were pleased to see you.

    Great to read that your mouth was feeling better yesterday. With only 6 more to go, it sounds like you might 'sneap' the feeding tube? Or have I forgotten what that word means!

    Caroline x

  3. Heehee - yes still determined to sneap the tube! I just want it out!! I guess I'll have to keep it until I can prove my mouth is okay again and I can still swallow! Managing okay so far :-)

    Managed to dodge the showers today - so it wasn't so bad. The DGC is my only social life at the moment!
    Hope you're doing okay

    B xx