Monday, 23 April 2012

DAY 25

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DAY 25

Energy level: Bouncy is coming back
Attitude: Optimistic 
Physical Condition: Mouth - ow, ow, ouch!

Welcome to Week 6 of treatment.
I went in today to discover that the Dressing Gown Club had missed me on Friday! I was touched :-) Their machine wasn't being serviced so they'd all been there at the normal time - wondering where I was. I explained that I'd been in early to use LA2.

It was nice to be back to the normal madness though. You are never going to guess what Bob had in his Black Bag today. Well, the usual - his flask of water, his snazzy red dressing gown and.... a parrot. That;s what he told us all - but he wouldn't show us. He said the radiographers had given it to him and told him he had to wear it on his shoulder during treatment. I wasn't sure whether to believe that - but then another person came back from their machine with a furry parrot attached to their card! I got called in then - but Nathan says while I was gone he saw the parrot :-)

With all these stickers and furries - the Radiographers certainly keep our spirits up. I actually got to the very bottom of my first page - only 8 more to go. I had thought there was a Bank Holiday next Monday - but there isn't - so I will actually finish on next Thursday.

I have to say it won't be a day too soon. The skin on my neck and chin and shoulder and back is all very red and raised now and peeling in some places. It's like you've got bad sunburn - then keep going back for more!

That doesn't hurt too much - but it is a different story on the inside of my mouth. Eating is quite hard and I have to stay away from anything too fruity or sour now. I can't taste much sweet at all. I really fancied chips and mushy peas over the weekend - but when I tried them their taste had changed too. Last time I had some wasn't many weeks ago and they tasted great then.

So I am on to softer foods like Weetabix, Ready Brek, trifles, custard, mashed potatoes and gravy. Not a lot of variety - but I need to put weight on by next Thursday or Catherine will put me on tube feeding!

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