Tuesday, 1 May 2012

DAY 31

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DAY 31

Energy level: Not much bounce detectable
Attitude: Optimistic and happy-ish
Physical Condition: Throat and tongue - sore and swollen

I know I only have 2 sessions to go after today - but it is getting harder. Will I make it?
The problem is that my throat and tongue are both sore and swollen and the muscles in my neck are cramping again. It feels like I'm strangling myself! The worst thing is that my tongue is touching the back of my throat a lot of the time and making me gag. It can happen when I am talking or if I go from inside to outside. It is horrible.

Yesterday Dr Gahir gave me a prescription for some more mouthwash and something that the hospital makes itself - called Miss Tracy, which is a mouthwash that has anaesthetic in it. I think that will help with this problem. Sadly when we went to pick it up at the pharmacy they hadn't got any. We have to go back tomorrow. Nathan gave me a couple of Tyrozets - which do the same and they have helped a little.

Today was the first of my three final booster shots of radiotherapy. I did seem to be on the machine quite a bit longer than usual - although it was imaging day too - when they take photos? I'm not sure why or what they do with them. I guess it's one of the ways they check that everything is working properly.

So two more - then it seems things might get worse for another week - then hopefully I will start to get better.


  1. Ohhhh ... Berni, so happy to see you're on the downhill side finally! Two more - and by the time you read this you'll have been through one of those two - so just ONE to go! I am praying for you every day and so glad that no matter what, your own innate sparkle and sense of humor comes through every post! But please, do explain the `snooze and snooker' from the last post. I get the snooze, but snooker? To me, that has something to do with pool and cigarettes! (And I know that can't be right!)

    Take care -- pulling very hard for you over here every day --



  2. I'm cheering you on too, Berni!

    Having had a nasty chest virus recently where the slightest thing seemed to tickle my throat into coughs, especially at night, I sympathise about the gagging. Hope you managed to get some Miss Tracy! You remember those long-distance walks you had in mind? You're almost there and then can really rest next week. Though I guess that you'll miss the DGC and the staff... the sense of community sounds really uplifting and I loved the story about taking in that photo of your Dad.

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow though I know you've still got next week to get through. But you will :)

    Caroline xxx