Friday, 13 April 2012

Day 19

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DAY 19

Energy level: Almost Bouncy
Attitude: Optimistic and happy
Physical Condition: No Appetite - just tired!

Heehee - I tricked the Dressing Gown Club today. I tiptoed round the last corner into the LA3/LA4 waiting room so they couldn't say they knew I was coming! They looked surprised when I appeared and then accused me of cheating! One said he could still hear me at the Main Entrance! They thought it was pretty funny anyway.

No sooner had I sat down then the radiographer popped out and asked if I was ready. She was accused of favouritism, as we were both girls - although I was actually the only one there for Machine 3. The DGC all go into Machine 4. They were all in a very jovial mood. Must be because it was Friday! I'm happy to get to the end of Week 4. Wow - where has that time gone? Although I have to say chemo weeks are a bit longer. I do feel so wiped out.

This morning my special cancer nurse, Wendy, called to see how I was getting on. I haven't bumped into her for a while so she was checking up how the chemo went on Tuesday. I was raving about the benefits of EMEND and she was glad to hear it. She said it is a new drug and she was happy to know that it works. I don't think she's had one of her patients on this before. Nice to give it a go first :-)

In the meantime I am having a real hard job to find anything (at all!) that I enjoy drinking. Any suggestions? Firstly - alcohol is out - as this makes the radiotherapy side-effects worse. Also tea tastes vile, water tastes of chemicals, fruits juices don't taste of anything, coke gives me heartburn. I need to drink a lot to flush out the chemo drugs - but I can't find anything that tastes even vaguely nice. I know my taste buds have been knocked about a bit during this treatment - but here must be something else I can try. Milk shakes were tasting nice - but since the chemo on Tuesday they don't really settle very well in my stomach.

Hmmm - hopefully I'll stumble on something soon....


  1. Congratulations on the halfway-plus point! You continue to inspire me ... though I decided not to check out the video because I LIKE "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and want to be able to listen to it without giggling!

    Are you drinking tap water? If so, no wonder it tastes full of chemicals! Try bottled water -- and if you can find it, I used to drink a water bottled in Iceland -- it was heavenly -- absolutely the best water I ever tasted -- if you don't have it handy in a grocery store, perhaps Nathan wouldn't mind trotting off to Iceland to pick up a few gallons for you ... it's quite close by ...

  2. With one pregnancy all I could drink was very very weak Chinese tea. Just a leaf or a sprig in hot water.
    One friend suggested ice lollies, but that didn't work for me.
    Nice to see you and the DGC still have such a sense of fun.