Monday, 2 April 2012

DAY 11

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DAY 11

Energy level: Bouncy
Attitude: Optimistic and happy
Physical Condition: Pretty good - but a bit of a sore tongue

Yay! We are into week 3! That means I have done 11 out of 33. one third of the way through.
I had a pretty chilled weekend - it is nice to have a break from all hospital related matters. Had fun trying out a new slow cooker/tagine that N's mum has bought for us. I made a chicken tagine - very tender and yummy and then a beef chili. That was delicious with lashings of sour cream and boiled rice.

So yes - I can still eat normally :-) Although my tongue is starting to get sore down the right side. It's only to be expected.

Thank-you for all your kind comments on my poem - I was especially thrilled that Myra, Caroline and Susan - all brilliant writers and poets actually liked it too. Don't worry though - I'm not going to inflict any more on you - just yet :-)

Today we had a bit of an adventure - we went to a new hospital! As some of you may know the pathology lab has closed at the main hospital and you now get your blood tests done at either Cobridge, Meir which both have super-duper new medical centres - or Bradwell Hospital. Now this is only quite literally round the corner from where I live. So in two minutes we were there. Delighted to find free parking and plenty of spaces.

We followed the signs to the Phlebotomy Clinic, and as instructed took a ticket from the machine. It was like being at the deli counter at Morrisons :-) I was number 78 and they were already on 69. We sat on a chair in the corridor for a few minutes and then I was in and out so quickly. I didn't even feel a thing! I had to have a blood test because tomorrow I have an appontment with Dr Gahir. She needs the results to assess whether I am fit enough, and if my white blood cells have recovered enough, for me to have another session of chemotherapy next week.

We'll find out tomorrow :-)

Today's visit to Radiotherapy was a tad longer than usual - they were running almost an hour late. I am not sure why - but it was very busy in the waiting room. But every cloud has a silver lining because it meant that I met Frank - my PEG buddy - again. He has been coming at 3pm so I had not bumped into him since we underwent that horrible procedure on the same day.

He looked pretty well, he had exactly the same reaction to the chemo as me - he was also sick for a week and enjoyed the attentions of the District Nurses in the middle of the night. He lost half a stone too - just as I did. He has to have 2 more sessions - so I am really glad I only have to have one more. It was nice to catch up though - and I feel like I am not too wussy feeling so bad after the chemo - if he did too.


  1. Nobody, but nobody, could describe you as a "wuss". Reading your blog is like watching a superhero in action, quite breathtaking.

  2. If I could sew, I'd make you a slinky Spandex costume like Catwoman, so everyone would know!

  3. Aww - thanks guys. It's your support that makes it easier :-) xx