Thursday, 31 May 2012

End of the PEG?

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I got some exciting news - thanks to Wendy, my special nurse. She told me she'd askd Dr Gahir if I could go abroad at the end of next month - and she said yes! Woo! Am really looking forward to going to Slovenia now :-) Also - even more exciting - she has said that they will take my PEG feeding tube out before I go. This is brilliant as I didn't fancy going away with a case full of syringes (which I have to use each day to flush water through it so it doesn't get blocked.) It looks pretty ugly too - and you can see it through my t-shirts. Wearing a swimming costume or going to the spa in the hotel would have been impossible - or at least highly embarrassing.

Anyway - they have started the process for me to have it removed. I just have to wait for the appointment now :-) I know I'll probably have to go in for the day and it will involve another tube down my throat - but I will be so happy to get rid of it I won't care! I had call from Catherine the dietician - she wanted to make sure that I haven't been losing weight and that I can eat normally before she gave the go ahead for it to be removed. I managed to convince her and told her I am even going out for meals now.

Olympic flame comes to Stoke

Today I had a little practice at getting up early. (Haven't done that for a while!) Nathan and I decided to have a nice brisk walk down to Middleport (about 20 minutes) to go and see the Olympic torch going by. We thought that we would never get the chance again in this country - and so close to our house. There were a few people waiting in the light drizzle by the side of the road - but after a few minutes the place was full of people and excited schoolkids. Some had their faces painted red white and blue, others were waving flags and one little girl had brought her own home-made Olympic torch complete with tissue-paper flames. it was very cute :-)

There were lots of police motorbikes and before long we saw the official sponsor's coach - Coca Cola - coming by with young people dressed in red and white handing out cocs cola bottles and frisbees. A few more coaches came by then at last we saw the torch bearer running along the road.

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