Monday, 7 May 2012

Getting back to normal..slowly...

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Hello - I hope everyone has had a nice bank holiday. I haven't been doing much at all - haven't even been outside. I think now that I have stopped treatment everything is just catching up with me. As predicted (although I'm not sure how it works) my throat has been getting worse - it is pretty sore at the back and down the right side. I couldn't even eat Nathan's awesome chicken, bacon and leek pie that he made yesterday. I could manage some of it - but not the chicken. Just too solid to get down.

Today I have had soup and jelly and ice cream which were much easier. I guess I'll stick with soft stuff until the throat starts to recover. I think by tomorrow it will suddenly that we've stopped burning it everyday and it's okay to get better now :-)

Also the burnt skin on the outside has started to peel and is horrible - I'm not really fit to been seen in public! I look like a zombie with all my skin falling off - I'd probably scare people. Not that I have much energy for going anywhere - I need a lie down after just having a shower or making some lunch.

Every cloud has a silver lining though - for the first time in years I have managed to watch most of the snooker. I find it very conducive to having an afternoon lie down on the sofa. I have missed a few frames when I have fallen asleep - but I caught the exciting ones. I was a bit disappointed that the final was over so quickly - but Ronnie O'Sullivan has been amazing!

I've had a few visitors too. Janet came on Friday and brought me a gorgeous selection of scarves from a designer shop in Leek.. They are very pretty - I especially like the pink paisley one and the multi-coloured African inspired one. I will be able to hide my red neck when I go out now :-)

Also Tracy and Al came round - I have to apologise to them as I wasn't too talkative - my throat was still making it hard. They cheered me up though - not only tales from work - but they also brought me a very tricky looking 3-D puzzle. I will have to tackle that soon - might help with my concentration problem! It does look quite difficult though.

At last I have discovered something to drink that tastes great - thanks to my parents sending round a variety of bottles on  Sunday. I tried the root beer (don't worry - it's not alcoholic!) as I used to love it when I was in America. It tasted just gorgeous - in fact I think it is the same flavour as sarsaparilla that I used to drink as a small girl in Lancashire. Hmmm - I wonder if you can still get sarsaparilla drops? Used to love those too!

Anyway - I am giving this throat/neck malarkey another week - then it better pull its socks up and start getting better. I have a life to get back to.....

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