Monday, 4 June 2012


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Silverdale Country Park

I hope that you are all enjoying the Jubilee bank holidays. I have to say that it wasn't that great yesterday. We went over to Stone, as they were having a street party celebration - but the weather was so awful that it was pretty quiet. We had a wander up and down the High Street under a big brolly, watched a tiny bit of the Punch and Judy, then bought a crepe from a very nice French lady (hmmm - made us feel a bit unpatriotic - but it was delicious :-) then went home! We spent the rest of the afternoon watching everyone getting soaked in London during the River Thames Pageant. What a shame for all those people - especially those brave singers on the Philharmonic boat. While the orchestra was nice and dry below deck - these poor girls in their flimsy dresses looked like drowned rats while trying to sing Rule Britannia and other classics. I hope none of them caught their deaths..

Viewing Platform - bring your binoculars!
 Today is a bit brighter so I persuaded Nathan and Laura to come for a walk at the new Silverdale Country Park. I had no idea that this tranquil lake was just a few hundred yards up from my library, until the other day. It was lovely and apart from a couple of fishermen, the place was deserted. We walked all round the lake and we saw moorhens, with a family of babies, mallards, some crested birds that we didn't recognise and dozens of electric blue dragonflies. They were beautiful! I have a great fondness for dragonflies ever since I lived in South Carolina. They have huge and multicoloured ones there. I tried to take photos of them - but they didn't come out too well. Got a picture of the lake though...

In other (good) news - I got a letter from the hospital on Saturday to say that I am having my PEG removed next Saturday at 11am. I can't wait to get rid of it! I haven't used it at all for feeding but everyday I have to dismantle it, clean it, push it in and out (to make sure it hasn't got stuck) twirl it around and then put it back together and get a syringe full of water and inject it into my stomach to flush out the tube so that it doesn't get blocked. It will be a great relief when I don't have to do that ever again!

That will be a significant step back to normality! After that I'm going shopping for a swimsuit :-)

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