Tuesday, 8 May 2012

This isn't supposed to happen....

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My skin is peeling even more today and is wet in places. I left off the cream to try to let it dry out but by this evening it was looking quite nasty. I can't actually feel anything - as I am all numb there from the operation. So at least it isn't sore :-) Nathan was so worried that he insisted we rang someone to ask for advice. I tried the District Nurses' out-of-hours service, but they told me I'd be best ringing the Emergency Assessment Bay at the Cancer Centre. They said that I should try and see an emergency doctor as it would need a swab taking - to check for infection, and maybe something prescribing. So I rang to cancel the District Nurse call and Nathan rang the Emergency Centre in Basford.

They said that they couldn't do  a swab but there was a doctor there who could prescribe some antibiotics. She said that she would get the doctor to call us back. We waited quite a while, then having decided he'd probably forgotten we decided to eat. As soon as we had the food he called. He said that I shouldn't really leave it until tomorrow but should go down there now.
The Zombie!!!

I had driven past the Basford Emergency Care Centre lots of times but had never been in there. The car park was pretty full when we arrived at 7pm-ish. We had to be buzzed in - after giving my name. The waiting room was absolutely full - mainly parents with children in pajamas. The scrolling electronic sign said that the average wait was one hour. We settled down on the chairs.

I was the first one called in! The doctor was lovely. He said he didn't want me to be waiting out there for long. He was glad he'd got me in because it didn't look good. He said it was important to treat it quickly. He prescribed me some antibiotics to be taken immediately and some cream which I can't use until after I have had a swab done at my own doctor's tomorrow morning.

Then we had to find a pharmacy that was still open. The receptionist told us that the nearest ones were in Shelton or Cobridge. Nathan knew where the Cobridge one was - so we went over there. It was on Waterloo Road and is open until midnight every day! So I have the pills which I have taken and two tubes of cream which I can start using after it has been confirmed that it is infected.

Hope the photo hasn't put you off your food!!


  1. Ooh, I hope the creams work, B! That does not look brilliant, I must admit.

  2. OK, enough is enough. I know they said you'd need a week to recover, but I'm getting a little fed up with this. Has this thing gotten the memo that we all want it GONE? I mean, like `can't-see-it-for-dust' kinda gone.

    GET AWAY FROM MY FRIEND, INFECTION!!! (Can it hear me yelling from across the pond?)

    Continuing to think good thoughts for you -- but I'm also sure that given your experience up to now, by tomorrow or the next day you are truly going to start to feel MUCH better. Hang on till then!!!

    Hugs, Susan

  3. Hi Bernie,

    I was all set to squeak with joy here about the root beer being right for you (I loved root beer when I was a kid in California) and to say that I thought of you when I heard on the radio that O'Sullivan had won the snooker - and then I read yesterday's post above about you being pinged from NHS pillar to post like a snooker ball yourself! Though well done to that doctor for seeing you first...

    Glad your neck skin doesn't hurt though I am sure that neither you or Nathan needed this scare. Hope you got the swab done OK today and had a chance to rest. I'm all for Susan's spells against infection too!

    As for the photo, don't worry. If you can take it, then hec so can we! ;) Still right behind you and cheering you on.

    All the best to you and Nathan.

    Caroline x

    PS. Gotta ask - is your root beer Dr Pepper's?

  4. Actually the root beer is a bit of a posh looking one - it is called:
    Francis Hartridge's Celebrated Root Beer - it comes from Morrison's if you want to try some! I do like Dr Pepper's too though. It must have been fun growing up in California - you must tell me more sometime!

    B xx