Thursday, 3 May 2012

DAY 33 - Final treatment :-)

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DAY 33

Energy level: The Bounce is back in town
Attitude: Over the moon
Physical Condition: Things can only get better!

Well who would have thought it - here we are at Day 33. The last day of radiotherapy. I went to the Cancer Centre with a few little thank-you tokens - some chocolates, books and cards for the reception team - who have remembered my name since day one and waved me through each day without having to queue. Also for all the radiographers on LA3 who have been so cheerful, helpful and encouraging all the way through this. I also gave some to Bob - so that he could share them with anyone in the waiting room. He seemed quite touched :-)

As usual I didn't have to wait long before I was called through for the last time. The radiographers all seemed happy that they had another Completer - it was quite an uplifting atmosphere. they said I'd done really well all through it. I asked what they did with the mask when someone had finished and they replied that they just go in the bin - but I could take mine home if I wanted. They said some people even plant flowers in them. Hmmm... wasn't sure if I wanted it or not, but so many people want to see what it looked like - I decided to keep it.

While I was on the machine for the last time (have I mentioned that before?? :-) I could here these words singing in the background:

"This ain't a love song, this is goodbye."

It was a fitting last song - thanks Scouting for Girls.

When I got back to the waiting room - there was a balloon on my chair with CONGRATULATIONS on it. Nathan had secreted it in the car boot and then as soon as I went in he ran back to the car and brought it in. he also gave me a gold medal that said WINNER on it. Everyone in the waiting room thought it was lovely - and so did I. As I went out all the nurses were saying - "Oooh - another completer!" and "Well done" It was great!

On the way back we popped into the local church hall to vote. it felt pretty good to be doing something normal. When I got back Laura had decorated the lounge with stars and balloons and party poppers were everywhere. To celebrate I had a glass of Shloer grape juice and pulled a few. My parents had sent my last card - the just said FINISHED on it. Woo party!!

 Just after my last treatment
 Celebrating with Schloer
 Meet the Mask!
Check out the medal :-)

My crème caramel - with 0 days remaining!


  1. Congratulations, m'dear! I shall raise a glass to your swift recovery! :-)

  2. WELL DONE Berni - how fantastic to read about all the celebrations everyone planned for you too! You deserve every minute of them and many more when you've got the extra energy to enjoy them. The mask is awesome. I know they said that you might still have a rough week ahead and need lots of rest, but I am so pleased for you that your treatment is over now. Great to hear that you're getting out and about a bit too.

    Thinking of you!

    Caroline xxx

    1. Hi Caroline!
      Thanks for all your lovely messages of support. Writing this blog has really helped me through it - especially reading all the messages I've had too :-) Hopefully I'll be getting better each day - and soon back to work so I can have my normal life back! If I'm feeling brave I might put a photo of my weird tan lines - so we can see them fade week by week. My chin is like a beacon in the dark - heehee!
      Enjoy your Bank Holiday!
      Love B xx

    2. You've been amazingly brave to get this far! Fast may those tan lines fade and that beacon chin hey. I am all for 'glowing health' but ;)

      Hope the gagging improves for you too now and that you are able to eat well enough this week to 'sneap' that tube, Berni :)

      Is that mask made of material you can take a felt tip pen to? Pity it is like stiff net because then we could all decorate it for you like plaster for a broken leg!

      Take care both of you.

      Caroline xxx

  3. Wonderful to hear you've reached the end of treatment. That mask has a personality of its own; it's far bigger than I imagined.

    1. Heehee - lots of people have said that about the mask! I think people were expecting something like the one out of Phantom of the Opera! Thanks for all your lovely comments!
      B xx

  4. WOW!!!! What a great feeling to know the treatments are behind you!!! I think the mask is kinda cute ... and I'm so thrilled for you!! Looking forward to reading that you're feeling MUCH better than you thought and that you're planning to run a marathon (or something spectacular - you so deserve it!!!