Monday, 28 May 2012

Thinking about work....

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My doctor's note runs out on 26th June - so I guess I'll be able to go back to work after that. This is quite an exciting prospect :-) I still have a sore mouth - and stiff neck and shoulder - but I'm sure they'll be so much better in another couple of weeks. I have a meeting with Occupational Health on June 8th - so I might have a starting back date by then.

Just to practice I drove to Silverdale and back by myself today. There was an exhibition being opened in one of the show homes in the new housing estate, Heritage Park, about the old Silverdale mine. The housing estate is built on the site of the old pit - so it was quite nice that they were remembering the history. The mayor of Newcastle opened the display of old photographs and there was coffee and pastries. It was very nice. It was so hot though! I had to find a shady spot in the garden to stand in.

I have something else to look forward to as well - we have been invited to a wedding - in Slovenia! I have never been there - or even thought about going there, but I am very excited about it now! It is going to take place in a lovely hotel on the shore of Lake Bled. It looks very pretty on the internet :-) I wasn't sure if I would be up to it - but now that it is closer I feel so much better - so I think I might make it. I have to get my consultant's permission to go though - in order to get insured. I'll ask Dr Gahir, when I see her on June 11th.
I am just hoping that I will be able to get my feeding tube taken out before I go.

You know how Dr Who ( or should I say "The Doctor"?) has two hearts? Welll, when I've had my PEG removed I'll have two belly buttons. One above the other...I won't be able to wear a bikini any more - people will think I'm an alien :-)


  1. OK. The two belly buttons is just too weird for me! But you do sound very cheerful (shopping will do that to you!), and it's wonderful that you're not starting summer with rain and cold.

    Today is our Memorial Day (remembering fallen soldiers in all conflicts - a very big deal, especially in South Carolina, as you might imagine), and the official beginning of summer for us (the official end is Labor Day, 1st Monday in September). And now that you're recovering, I seem to have pinched a nerve in my lower back! Ouch!

    Happy to hear you're eating again and thinking about work - and shopping! The entire country, I'm sure, thanks you from the bottom of its heart!

    1. Oh dear - poor you! I hope the back feels better soon! There's nothing worse is there than nagging pain - especially when it restricts every movement. Sending good wishes from over here :-)
      We have our bank holidays next week - two days off to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee - only the second monarch to achieve that. (The other one also being female - Victoria) Lots of street parties planned.
      Wish you were here!