Thursday, 17 May 2012

Crawling back to normality :-)

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It's been over a week since I blogged. I didn't really want to bore you with my exciting life of staying in, online grocery shopping and sleeping a lot.

However, this week I really feel like I have turned a corner. Since the weekend I have been feeling stronger, more energetic and have slept less. I wake up earlier in a morning and don't always have an afternoon nap anymore. I have been doing a bit more around the house too - making more meals and actually doing a bit of cleaning. I haven't actually got the hoover out yet - but I can feel it coming :-)

It is great to feel a bit more normal.

My neck is looking so much better. When I went back to the doctor's on Monday he told me that it wasn't infected after all - it was just the deep burn. I have some steroid cream now and it is looking pretty great. Hardly any scabs and even the redness is starting to fade. I like this :-) I just need a little silk scarf to hide the worst bits and I am fit to be seen in public again.

I wish I could say the inside of my throat was better too - well I have to say that sometimes it doesn't hurt when I swallow, but my throat still feels really tight and still makes me gag sometimes. I guess this will be the next thing to get better. it must be a bit better as I am eating more and things don't taste quite so weird. Except chocolate - that still tastes horrible!

In fact I went out to eat the other day! It was Nathan's mum's birthday and we decided to go to The Wayfarer on the A34 since it has recently been done up. I was a little nervous about how I would manage but I was fine. Although ordering orange juice to drink was a mistake, as it was too acidic for my throat. But I had the home made spring vegetable soup to start and that was gorgeous. I think soup is one of my favourite things at the moment. I tried the beer-battered haddock for mains, with pea puree that was sweet and easy to swallow. The hand-cut chips were really chunky and I ate a few. Then ice cream for dessert was very soothing. I was pleased that I had managed most of three courses - it is the biggest meal I have had in months!

So I have another appointment soon with Occupational Health from work on June 9th -so maybe I can get a date to return! I see my consultant Dr Gahir, on 11th June. I'm sure by then I will be fighting fit! I might even attempt an actual supermarket shop instead of doing it online next week. It is a great service when you can't get out - but I keep ending up with Giant Sized bottles of pasta sauce or tiny cartons of milk because I don't realise that the size means online! I even ended up getting my poor cat Senior Cat food - hope he wasn't too insulted - he's still practically a kitten!


  1. Great to hear that you're on the mend, Berni, and your energy is returning. Thanks to you, I will value the next time I go to the supermarket and get the vacuum out! Ode to Housework? :)

    Love, Caroline

    1. Hi Caroline!

      Thanks so much for the lovely card and poems. I loved getting that through the post - how lovely of you! Tracy had popped it through my door yesterday :-) Yes it feels good to be doing normal things - going to Morrisons was fun today - and to think I used to hate it! Tomorrow it could be the hoover.... :-)
      Hope to see you when you come back to your room in the library! xx

  2. Relieved to hear that all is well, and steadily getting better.

    1. Thanks for your good wishes! It is great to be getting back to normal. Who thought shopping for food could be fun - but I enjoyed it today :-) xx