Monday, 21 May 2012


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What an exciting weekend - I got to see lots of people and even went to a (small) party!
We met up with Nathan's friends from Birmingham. They are expecting a baby in a few months and there was much excited talk about decorating the new house and making a nursery and getting everything ready. We had a very nice lunch together.

 It's my dad's birthday today (Happy Birthday Dad!!) so yesterday we went over to my parents house - and so did one my brothers and his wife and daughter, for what we call one of our "Family Games Nights"

Basically, being a fan of car boot sales and playing games, my dad has acquired a huge array of board games which my mum has put away in a cupboard in their spare room. So when we have one of our FGNs someone pops upstairs to see what we haven't played for a while. There are some weird and wonderful ones, including one where you are blindfolded and your team mates have to instruct you on how to build a particular structure out of wooden bricks. We even have a Pointless board game - that someone bought for Nathan after our appearance on that show :-)

We played that at our last get together - so today it was the turn of Cluedo. Now that last time we played this - there was a bit of a mishap. So we've been reluctant to play it again. When someone (who shall remain nameless) chose three cards to put in the envelope at the beginning of the game - instead of selecting a person, a room and a weapon, they accidentally put in the card that had the instructions on it. Plus a room and a weapon. So several hours later when no-one had worked out whether it was Professor Plum in the Library with the Lead Piping or not, it dawned on us that something wasn't quite right! There was no suspect unaccounted for! We did laugh about it - later....

Anyway - we had drinks, chocolate cakes, nibbles and the game went smoothly this time - and my brother won! It was Reverend Green this time :-)

We also played our traditional family card game - Poppywally. We have always played this - ever since we were little kids and played with out grandparents - but I've never known anyone else who knows what I'm talking about when we've told them about it. I'd be interested if any of you have heard of it. I think it might also be called Cab - as the first one out gets a free ride. Everyone has three lives - these can be represented by three coins, matchsticks or chocolates - we've used all these before. Then everyone is dealt three cards, with one person getting two hands. They can choose a hand (without looking) and then either swap it for the spare hand - or turn the spare hand over and choose one to swap from their first hand. Then the three spare cards are put in the middle and we all take it in turns to swap one of our cards. One the first round - everyone has to swap - but after that anyone can stick at anytime.

The aim is to collect the same suit - and get the highest number before anyone sticks. Once there is a sticker - everyone has one more swap before you all have to declare your scores. The person with the lowest score has put one of their coins, matchsticks or chocolates into the middle. As soon as you are out of lives - you are out of the game. Except for the first person to be out who is allowed to carry on until they lose again.

You keep going until only one person is left and they take all the booty in the middle. Sometimes the game is quick - especially when there is a Poppywally or two. If someone manages to collect 31 - by getting two picture cards (or tens) and an ace of the same suit - this is the highest score you can get! So you have to shout "Poppywally" and everyone has to lose a life and pay into the middle.

You should try it - it's fun!

Anyway - I did feel a little tired last night - so we came home quite early. Not feeling too bad today though. I didn't go anywhere - but I did get the hoover out. I have decided to do one room a day. So today I changed the bed and did the bedroom. It is looking so nice now - and it was great that it was a lovely day and we could have all the windows open and dry all the washing outdoors.

I feel like I am going from strength to strength :-)

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