Saturday, 19 May 2012

Two more firsts....

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What an exciting day! I actually got back behind the wheel of my car today and drove to Silverdale and back :-) I can still remember the way! My neck is still pretty stiff - but I think I managed okay using the mirrors. I haven't driven since January.

Although I think that Nathan was a little worried about me driving after we went to the supermarket and I crashed the trolley into the shelves full of fizzy pop. Don't worry - there wasn't a disaster - I was just a bit overexcited at being allowed back down the aisles to choose my own food and drinks :-) To think I used to dread the weekly shop - and it is such fun! Even the screaming kid in a trolley didn't put me off.

We popped into the library this morning - was lovely to see Tracy and catch up on what's been going on. The library now has solar panels on the roof! There's a very cool panel on the wall behind the counter telling everyone how much power is being generated and how much we are saving. it is great! Also there's been a bit of a move around - and I love the way the children's library looks so much bigger. Tracy is doing such a great job keeping everything going. :-) Can't wait to get back behind the counter with her. We haven't had Saturday Hot-Buttered Toasted Teacakes for ages!

I mentioned sarsaparilla drops a couple of blogs ago - and then the other day some arrived in the post! I had no idea where they came from! I did a little Sherlock Holmes sleuthing (retreated to my "mind palace" - heehee!) and tracked it down to my lovely auntie. Thanks Auntie Anne - I am really enjoying them.

It is a good job that I am getting out and about a bit now - things were getting so bad that I had started watching Made in Chelsea - and enjoying it in a kind of horrified fascination-type way. OMG how could Spencer steal Louise in Dubai while his best friend and her boyfriend Jamie was back in London at the bank? Louise was so traumatised by the fallout she had to go for a luxury spa weekend to recover......

Yes - I think this burst of energy and motivation to get back to normal has arrived just in time.... :-)

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