Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Busy Day

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I actually got up early today - as I had to ring the doctors' surgery at 8am and try and get an appointment today. They are really good there and they always try to get you in the day you ring. I got to see the doctor at 9am. He had a look at my neck, then put on rubber gloves and had a little poke. He thought maybe it wasn't infected - just badly burned but he decided I did need a swab. He went to find the nurse to do it  - but she wasn't there. So we went home had a quick breakfast then went back 35 minutes later!

The swab took about 30 seconds. and the nurse was not happy that the doctor hadn't done it himself instead of making me go back. Anyway she has sent it off to the lab and I may have the results back by Friday . The doctor wants me to go back and see him on Monday. I can't use the cream until they have found out if there is an infection. I can take the pills though - in case it does get infected, if it isn't. Erm… I think that makes sense :-)

I think it is drying out a bit today. I have had to put my hair in a ponytail to stop it getting stuck to my neck - everyone keeps saying they like my new hairstyle!! Heehee - haven't had a ponytail since I was a girl :-)

Just before lunch my parents came over to visit, bringing more root beer. I am enjoying it :-) It was nice to have a chat and catch up on family news. Then after a quick lunch I had to go over the Eccleshall to see The Auditor! I had given her  the Parish Council accounts to audit and was going over to pick up the files and hear her verdict. It is the first time I have done this - and she was lovely. I only did one thing wrong - but she said it wasn't a problem. That's a relief!

I have to say that despite the rain I did enjoy the drive out (Nathan was driving) - there were lambs leaping about in the rain and fields and fields of bright yellow oilseed crops. It was just nice to be out and about. When we got back I did have a nap though. I'm kind of missing the snooker....

So it felt a bit like a normal day today (apart from the visit to the docs) which was nice. I like thinking of other things beside my health, it was good. Back to normality...

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