Sunday, 27 May 2012

Back on the road to recovery...

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Well, I think the anti-biotics have done the trick and chased away the kidney infection. I feel great again! Worried by news reports of a downturn in High Street retail sales over the last three months - I realised that it must be my fault... I haven't been shopping since January! So in order to try to put the country back on it sfeet I went to Hanley on Thursday. Had a wander round the Potteries Shopping Centre - though it was pretty hot in there. To tell you the truth I'd had enough after an hour - but it was nice to have a look round and buy a couple of summery items. Everything has flowers on it in the shops! (Unless it's the Union Jack stuff for the Jubilee and Olympics)

It was nice to have a look round though - another milestone on the road back to normaility. Although I did used to be able to shop 'til I dropped! I just need to practise more! I did have a nap when I got back :-)

Still, it was a step in the right direction. Friday I had a quiet day in as I had a couple of exciting invitations over the weekend to save my strength for. On Saturday, as you'll know, was Eurovision, which has always been a big event in our family. This requires us all to get together and have a party while it is on. We watch it as well of course!

This year it was at my brother's house in Cheadle. In fact Sarah, my neice had printed us each out an official scoresheet so that we could record who we liked and disliked. Let's face it - by the time you get through 26 Eurovision songs you've forgotten what the earlier ones were like. I particularly liked the Russian Grannies with their cakes and upbeat dancey song. I loved the lyrics "My cat is happy, my dog is happy.." I also enjoyed the sailor -bats from Turkey who transformed themselves into a boat by the end. Although the lyrics to that one could be construed to have been rather full of innuendo. I'll let you Google it and decide for yourselves.

None of us were that enamoured of the Swedish entry - although she did have a bit of a resemblance to Kate Bush. So not all bad :-)

Sarah had also purchased a new board game for us all to play before Eurovision came on. It was called Creationary. A bit like Pictionary - but instead of drawing what is on your card - you make it out of Lego! It was great fuun. Not too bad with buildings or vehicles - but it was tricky doing the "nature" catagory - as not many things in nature have straight lines. I did a pretty fair butterfly though. (Even better - someone guessed what it was!)

Oh - I have an apology to make. My mum and dad wish it to be known that not ALL their board games came from car boot sales. They have bought one or two new from shops. I regret any distress this previous assertion may have caused them.......

Today we had an invitation for lunch from my good friend Janet, in Stafford. It was lovely to sit under the parasol in her garden - it has been so long since I've been over to see her. She made us a lovely lunch - including some roast poussins and a delicious bilberry and raspberry crumble. We even sneaked a quick visit to Next on the retail park to have a quick look for summer clothes. :-) It was certainly another scorching hot day. I have my regulation Factor 50 suncream for when I have to go outside.
Summer has come early :-)

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