Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Slight set-back

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It seems that I have developed a raging kidney infection overnight. It was rather painful this morning, and I was on the loo every five minutes so I rang the doctor and got an appointment this morning. He handed me a little bottle and off I trotted to the loo to provide him with a sample. He dipped some testing strip in the sample and then prescribed some antibiotics.

He was very impressed with my neck though - thought it looked great. So that is good :-) Just feeling a bit sorry for myself now - I even had an afternoon nap on the sofa. Still a couple of days on the tablets and I'm sure I'll be fine. I guess my immunity is still a bit low. Will have to hold up on the hoovering for a few days now and take it a bit easier. And stay close to a bathroom... :-0


  1. What a shame. You were probably doing too much, so just take it easy for a while. It must be frustrating, when you don't want to feel an invalid any longer.

  2. Oo, yes, kidney infections can sneak up and make you feel rather wiped out. I think everyone who is recuperating from cancer treatment deserves a medal for this stage as much as the treatment itself because those up hills and down dales continue for a while until things even out. But you're still heading in the right direction overall, Berni!

    Fascinating about poppywally. I have 3 brothers and sisters and we used to play cards and board games a lot. My hubby is Australian and he has his family's board game 'Squatter' which is like Monopoly only one builds a sheep farm rather than real estate so you get to buy cute plastic sheep ;) The cards like Chance and Community Chest either bring good weather and sheep sales etc or fire and pestilence! It is real boom and bust in the outback, I tell you. Our nieces always thought it was really cool because it was different.

    Take care.

    Caroline xxx

  3. Hope you're feeling lots better and not blogging 'cause there are too many more interesting things you're doing!!! Hang in there, Berni -