Saturday, 3 March 2012

Woo - Weekend!

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Happy Weekend :-)

I woke up feeling pretty good today. Lots of energy and not too much pain and stiffness. 
I had an appointment at the hospital at 12.30 so I had plenty of time for a long soak in yummy-smelling, pink bubbles before I went.

There actually wasn't a queue at the car park - but it still turned out to be full and we couldn't see anyone coming out. So, I went into Reception while Nathan parked up further away, again.

Napkin Holder
Reception was deserted so I skipped up the stairs to Ward 202. There was a nurse behind the desk "Pretending to be a receptionist" she said. She took us in Dr Gahir's office and introduced herself as Sarah, a chemotherapy nurse. She had got me in to explain what happens when you have chemo, and explained the side-effects and things to look out for afterwards. She also gave me my free digital thermometer!

Free thermometer!
Around 7-14 days after chemo is when your white blood cells are at their lowest - so you are vulnerable to infection. If you do get one then you need to have antibiotics in order to be able to fight it off. So, the thermometer is to take your temperature every day - as anything over 38 degrees could indicate an infection. They have a special text service where Florence (or Flo as they call her) will text you each day to remind you - and will keep texting until you send in your reading for that day.

How great is that? They certainly try to do everything to look after you.

She gave me a folder full of information and a list of the drugs they send home with you when you've had your chemo. These are mainly anti-sickness drugs and injections (if you feel really sick you can call a nurse to come and administer that) She did put my mind at rest about what would happen and how long it would take. I was worried about the sickness thing - I hate being or feeling sick. (Give me pain anyday!) But they go to great lengths to stop that - as it is easier to prevent it in the first place than treat it once it starts.

Look at those posh stacked chips!
Then she asked us if we would like to see the Chemotherapy Suite. There was no-one there so we went to have a look around. I will be in Pod 1 - the pink one :-) You get to sit in a recliner, there's a machine for hot drinks and they even give you a meal during the day. You can have someone with you - or they can come and go throughout the day. There's even a little garden you can go and sit in if it is nice weather.

So I came out much happier and not dreading it quite so much!

I felt so good that I suggested that we go out for lunch. We went to the Noah's Ark, as I like the two white lions outside the door. I'd also heard that the food was great. 
 I had a very nice chicken and ham pie and Nathan chose the Linguine with meatballs. It was delicous - but neither of us had room for a sweet! It felt great to be doing something normal again.

You'll never guess what I watched this afternoon. My dad texted me to say that Son of Mask was on Film 4. So - there was a sequal - except it had nothing much to do with the original - apart from the mask! Here's what IMDb says:

"Tim Avery, an aspiring cartoonist, finds himself in a predicament when his dog stumbles upon the mask of Loki. Then after conceiving an infant son "born of the mask", he discovers just how looney child raising can be."

It was quite amusing :-)

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  1. Great to hear that you found yourself in good hands during your visit to the Chemo Suite, Berni, and have a better idea of what to expect. It makes such a difference :)

    I am really chuffed that you liked Myra's poem. Now why didn't I think of looking for it online?

    Your heart logo is great!

    The hearing loop which you got for the library classroom is awesome. Imagine me with the hearing loop mic clipped to my collar and the power pack hooked into a trouser pocket :) I thought of you because you probably had something similar when you were mic'd (spelling?) for your TV game shows?

    Tracy warned me that the equipment has a long range though and not to go to the loo with it on because all the poets with hearing aids would be able to hear me across the library! Needless to say, our group had a good laugh over THAT!

    I really hope that the loop will benefit other groups using the classroom because it really is clever. You and Tracy have been so supportive of our request for help over this. I can't tell you how much we all appreciate it. Here's to libaries and librarians!

    Get well soon :)