Tuesday, 20 March 2012


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Energy level: Depleted
Attitude: Optimistic
Physical Condition: Tired and nauseous

What a difference a day makes (as the song goes) By the time I went to bed last night, I had developed a ferocious headache which kept me awake most of the night. Then this morning the vomiting set in - even though I had taken the tablets they told me to. It was pretty early, about 6am, then another bout around 8am so Nathan called the Emergency Nurse. It had said to do that if you were actually sick.

She arrived with an assistant and gave me an anti-sickness injection, which seemed to settle things down a little. What I was fretting about was having to go for my Radiotherapy session this morning, feeling like this. What if I felt sick whilst wearing the mask strapped down to the table? It didn't bear thinking about!

So I rang them and explained and asked if they still wanted me to come in? They were very definite - YES. I have started so I have to finish it seems :-)

So, feeling still very nauseous, we set off for the hospital at 11.20. I was called in more or less straight away and luckily I was alright while I was on the table. They completed the treatment in about 10 minutes. No music this time - maybe they just do that for newbies - to relax them :-) I got out of the room, then had to,  ahem, "make use of their facilities" for another bout of sickness. I got to see a nurse there who reassured me that it wouldn't last much longer. In another 24 hours I should start to feel a bit better.

Managed to get home okay - luckily for Nathan's car :-)

Maybe I should try the remedy suggested by my American friend - yellow mustard. Thanks for that Susan - I will give it a go when I can stomach some food!
Now I just need some sleep.....


  1. Keep your chin up Sweetheart - its your first real blip as you've done so fantastically well so far and have been a shining example and we've been so proud of you. Remember we are thinking about you all the time. Things can only get better from now on - Oudles of Love from Mum and Dad. xxxxx

  2. Oh poor you. Marie has all her sisters (Pete's aunties) reading your blog and willing you on. Keep your eyes fixed on the end.

  3. Hi Bernie,

    So sorry to read that you had a rough night. Each day of treatment is a day nearer the end. You'll get there! Easy for us all to say of course but we're rooting for you.

    I was glad to hear that you'd got the hang of the Peg because after Thursday, I'll be able to send you send some of the group's limericks since it is safe to make you laugh! I was driving today when I caught Michael Rosen doing limericks with kids on BBC Radio 4's 'Word of Mouth' programme. It is repeated on Monday March 26 at 11.00pm but you might be better using Listen Again? It was good fun.

    Great to hear that you got Myra's book on writing your way through cancer. I haven't got that one but have her more recent one, Writing Your Self. Yes, I met her once when she came to read in Manchester. She was looking well :)

    Thinking of you.

    Caroline x

  4. Oops, for some reason you have got me twice, Berni!