Thursday, 22 March 2012


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Energy level: Improved (slightly)
Attitude: Optimistic
Physical Condition: Less tired and nauseous

Well I think that the syringe pump was a great success - except for at 5.30am this morning when its alarm went off and wouldn't stop. I think I had turned over in my sleep and somehow dislodged the syringe a little. Poor Nathan had to call the District Nurse again - but she soon came and fixed it. A quick reset - and a lot more paperwork and we were able to go back to sleep! It was one of the best nights we've had recently.

So I haven't been sick since they attached me to this - and as a result I've actually eaten a bit of food. I had some Slimfast for breakfast - banana flavour! Yes I know it's for slimming and I'm not supposed to be doing that - but it is a meal in a glass and goes down quite easily.

Then I had cornflakes for lunch and a cup of tea, and tonight |I've actually had pizza and some of Laura's delicious chocolate banana pecan cake. Yummy. It's all about the banana it seems :-)

What a gorgeous day too! We went off to the hospital around 11.30 - went in for my appointment at 11.50 and I was out in 7 minutes! All very quick and efficient. Then we opened the patio doors at home and llet the sunshine in. Another DN came to change my syringe - to last another 24 hours, so I will have to be careful how I sleep tonight!

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  1. Ooooo, if I'd known that you were OK to eat cake, I would have sent round the leftovers of the yummy cake we had to finish our term today at Silverdale Library, Berni!

    Here's to your incredible bravery, the lovely Nathan for looking after you and both of you getting some sleep courtesy of that shoulder bag.

    Take care,