Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hospital-Free Week?

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No! Well, I was looking forward to a hospital-free week this week, I had no appointments in the calendar at all. A nice normal week to try to get my strength back ready for the next round of treatment.
However, the phone rang this morning with the news that they have decided when they are going to put my feeding tube in - it's going to be next Tuesday. As this involves a general anaesthetic and an overnight hospital stay then I have to be checked (once again!) for MRSA. So, I have to pop into Central Outpatients tomorrow to see Wendy, my special nurse, to get the swabs done.
I can't complain - it's great that they take so much care to keep the infection out. Very reassuring!

It has been a lovely week so far, as since Saturday I have been feeling a lot more like my normal self. I feel stronger and less tired. Yesterday I went over to Stone to see Nathan's parents. We even stayed for lunch - a very delicious cottage pie made with sweet potato and a huge carrot cake. I think I have definitely got my appetite back now! You know that I was in The Sentinel the other weekend? Well, Nathan's dad is in there most days! He is the most prolific letter-writer I have ever known :-)

Today I did something a bit weird - I ate a Christmas Pudding!

Yes - I know it's March but I have been thinking about all this radio-therapy and how it is going to damage my taste buds and how some of that may be permanent. What if it gets to Christmas and I can't taste much? So having a Fox's Christmas Pudding in the cupboard, left over from last year - I ate it all with Brandy Sauce! I relished every mouthful and it was yummy!

Adam Richman - Man v. Food
 I have been doing a bit of reading around the web too - and one woman still can't taste anything sweet five years after her treatment. She says cake tastes disgusting. Imagine if your Mississippi Mud Pie actually did taste of mud!

 It had been getting me down a bit - how can I imagine a life without cake? Then I thought - it's better than the alternative - cake without life! I need to change my tastes that's all. Having no sweet tooth will have massive advantages! I'll lose loads of weight and swan around in my size 8 jeans (if I can locate them in the back of the wardrobe)  all the time. Plus, I may be able to cultivate a lucrative sideline - entering "Who can eat the Hottest Curry?" contests.

I was inspired by watching Man vs. Food the other day on the Travel Channel. I could join Adam Richman, travelling the world (well - the USA) taking on food challenges like the hottest ever chicken wings and the fieriest burger sauce. It could be awesome!


  1. You should beware of "The Hottest Curry" contests. Even though you may not be able to taste them, I expect your body would react, heart racing, eyes swimming etc.
    I think you're right to treat yourself to tasty food beforehand, just in case. You can't put on too much weight in a week - or can you?

    1. Heehee - I can try! If I lose too much weight over the next 6 weeks I have to be fed by tube! I was only joking about the curries - or was I? Will have a go when all this treatment is over - see what happens :-)