Thursday, 29 March 2012


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Energy level: Bouncy
Attitude: Optimistic and happy
Physical Condition: Tingly outside, not so sore inside

Yesterday I had thought that the dreaded sore throat had started as it had felt a little painful during the evening and last night. Once it starts it will only get worse day-by-day as I go through radiotherapy. However, as the day has gone on it has disappeared. I am still able to eat anything I want, as long as it still tastes nice of course. Last night we really fancied pizza and treated our selves to a Domino's Delivery. But my usual favourite of ham, pineapple and chicken just didn't taste right.

Anything with fruit in it is usually pretty good though - I really enjoyed a toasted teacake for breakfast this morning.

It felt a bit cooler when we went out to the hospital today, but not that cold. We are still hotter over here than most places on the Continent :-) I arrived early as yet another member of the Dressing Gown Club completed his last session. You can always tell - as there is a new box of Roses on the magazine tables.  I didn't have to wait long before being called in and completing my session number 9. I feel like a bit of a newbie at all this. Imagine reaching my 33rd session. I can't imagine how I'll be feeling by then but it will be a big relief I'm sure.

Today's tune was an awesome one - the classic Virginia Plain by Roxy Music. By the time I'd finished tapping my toes to that, I was done.

Once I'd been toasted I was asked to go up to the other waiting room as I was due to see the dietician again. Catherine said that I seemed a lot more bubbly than last time she'd seen me. Although to be fair I had just thrown up last Thursday when I had to go into her consultation room.

Anyway I told her I was feeling better and had got my appetite back. She weighed me and I'd only lost one pound this week. She seemed pleased with that - although frankly if this had been Weight Watchers I would have been pretty disappointed :-) Anyway the upshot is that I don't have to use the feeding tube yet - I am coping fine on my own. Thank goodness....

Before I go let me share this link with you:

It's some thing that Nathan showed me today and I read the whole article and it brought tears to my eyes. Like I said before it's the little things that mean a lot :-) What a nice chap.

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  1. Glad to hear you're feeling bouncy and excited by pizza and stickers! (Though to be honest, what sane person wouldn't be???) Thanks for the link to the Batman article -- people like that are priceless ... does this mean when your therapy is done that you'd consider visiting kids dressed as Catwoman????