Wednesday, 28 March 2012


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Energy level: Almost bouncy
Attitude: Optimistic and happy
Physical Condition: Tingly outside, sore inside

You'll never guess what I got today!


Another beautiful Spring day, another visit to the hospital. I had noticed, with an envious eye, that the Dressing Gown Club always emerged from their machine with their yellow appointment cards festooned with stickers.

One even said the other day  "Look - I got a football today to commemerate Crouch's great goal at the weekend!"

Mine was depressingly bare and plain. it seemed like they were having more fun on their side. But then I went in today and the radiographers were different! There were four of them too. I went through the usual, took off my glasses and cardigan. Pushed down the straps of my vest top (the fashion-wear of choice for radiotherapy patients.) and lay on the paper sheet on top of the bed. They fitted the mask and all retreated when the buzzer sounded. I listened to the song of the day: Johnny Cash - I Walk the Line. I quite enjoyed that one - a story of how a man can be true to the woman he loves.

Anyway, I jumped off the bed when they released me from the mask and when I put my glasses back on I saw that they had given me two stickers on my card!

I was over the moon :-) I got a smiley face and a cute cat one that says "very good" Heehee - it's the little things that mean a lot.

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  1. Aw, 'tis lovely, that! :-)

    Johnny Cash is excellent, too.