Friday, 16 March 2012

Taking the Pee

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There was one slightly annoying thing about today's visit to the hospital. It turns out after using a funnel and huge container to provide a 24 hour sample of urine - the lab didn't process it because I had not realised that I had to put my name on the label as well as hand in the paperwork with it.

So I came home with two more containers to do it all again and get it in before Monday morning. Otherwise they cannot start the chemo. The have to check the kidneys work, as the chemo drugs are processed through them.

This has the knock-on effect that I have to have a blood test the same time as I hand it in and the path lab is closed over the weekend.

So, the plan is:  I go to the Cancer Centre tomorrow, get bloods taken, then take the blood and the container(s) to the path lab and post them into their hatch, for processing first thing on Monday. Dr Gahir got the nurse to write my details on the containers as she clearly believes I can't be trusted to do it myself - heehee!

Oh and another slightly annoying things about today was that I went back to Reception to ask when I could come in on Saturday to get the blood taken, they completely misunderstood and whisked me off there and then to have it done. I said to the chap doing it - "Does it matter that it is a day earlier than Dr Gahir said?" and he just carried on. It wasn't until he looked at the date on the form that it dawned on him. he rushed out to consult with colleagues and came back and said that I had to have them done again on Saturday. I said I knew that - I was just asking what time! Between 9am and 1pm.

It would have been nice if he'd apologised. Vampire!!

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  1. Ya gotta watch those guys around blood ... they love the smell of it!

    Am hugely impressed with how well you're handling all this -- either that or you're just abridging stuff in your posts and not mentioning your screaming and carrying on -- which I certainly would be doing!

    So proud of you, Berni -- you are inspiring everyone around you -- if you can deal with what you're dealing with, I have no right to be upset about what's happening at my end!

    Love you and looking forward to the next installment (can we skip right to "Back to perfect health"?)