Wednesday, 21 March 2012


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Energy level: Dipping
Attitude: Optimistic
Physical Condition: More tired and nauseous

It's been quite a busy day. Firstly I had two more visits from the wonderful District Nurses during the night - due to continuing sickness. More injections in the thigh :-)
I was worried again about going for Radiotherapy feeling so sick - but managed to get through it again. It was pretty quick. I was called in to the the Dietitian first, so she could weigh me. I seem to have lost half a stone since this all started. She told me about feeding through the alien - I mean the PEG - seems you can inject it in yourself with  the huge purple syringes or you can get a pump that will deliver the food to you during the night.

I can't really say that I fancy the night-time option.

Then, while we were at the hospital Nathan persuaded me to go up to the Chemo Suite to ask if they could change my medication for the sickness. I saw a lovely Nurse-Practitioner called Racheal who prescribed me a Syringe Pump - that would continuously pump into me the stuff that I've been calling the District Nurses in to administer every 4 hours.

Lovely Nathan went up to the pharmacy to get all the drugs etc and we went home to await the DN. She arrived - with an assistant and they put a needle under the skin of my arm and attached it to a line - then a syringe which is controlled by a battery-operated unit. Pretty clever.

She came back later with a kind of groovy shoulder bag that I can put this in when I am walking around.

So I am hoping that a continuous stream of this drug will help. I have actually eaten some solid food tonight - so wish me luck!

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