Friday, 16 March 2012

Call the Nurse

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Sorry to those of you who found the last post a bit too graphic! Although I was very impressed with Heidi who actually watched the video too :-) However, it does help me to write all this down - stops it going round and round in my head. I can write it down - and then it is over and dealt with. So you are helping me really :-) It's lovely to have your comments and messages.

So, after the procedure I was taken back to the ward and kept there overnight so that they could see that it had settled okay. The most unpleasant thing was that because they had filled my stomach with air I was extremely bloated and it was a bit painful. However, the nurse on duty during the night noticed I wasn't sleeping and told me he'd make me some peppermint oil in hot water "It's an old-fashioned remedy but it works." he said.

It did taste delicious and was very soothing and helped a lot. Still can't sleep in hospitals though. Still the day starts bright and early at 6am when they do the obs - the usual blood pressure and temperature, then bring you breakfast.

I was told I'd be discharged as soon as the PEG nurse had been to show me how to look after my new pipework. However as the day went it on it became clear that she was very busy and despite promising to come "in ten minutes" at 11.30am there was still no sign after lunch. It is understandable, so I wasn't too annoyed.

I had a wander round the wardS and found my PEG buddy in the male ward. He was all alone, fed-up and bored so I went in for a chat and we compared tubes. I said that seeing as we had both had to be taught how to deal with them - if she came to me first I would say that we didn't mind doing it together to save time - so we both could go home! He said he'd do the same. later one of the ward sisters came to me and said "I've heard about your little plan - it's a good plan. We can find you a room so you can be shown together."

When she did come around 4pm we went into his ward as there was no-one else there. She had a big white bag full of dressings and syringes for us to take home with us. Then she said she was going to use me as a guinea pig for a demo on flushing. I was actually shaking when she took the dressing off and undid the end of the tube, attached a huge purple syringe full of water, undid the clamp and pushed the plunger. It was a very strange sensation, I could feel the water coming up my gullet. It was done in two minutes and wasn't too bad. She did the same on my buddy then gave us written instructions, phone numbers to ring day and night and sent us on our way. She was going to arrange for a District Nurse to come to my house on Friday to change the dressing and show me how to clean the area and rotate the tube. It's like having your ears pierced - you have to keep moving the tube around so it doesn't get stuck.

I thought I get a photo once the dressings were off - so it comes out of the front and you keep it taped to you so it doesn't dangle. The syringe attaches to the blue and white bit round the side :-)
My awesome PEG :-)
The bad news is that when they take it out they have to do the same procedure - but in reverse! But I have decided that I am going to look forward to that day because it will mean that:

1: My treatment is over

2: My throat is better

3: I can get back to normal!

BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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