Saturday, 24 March 2012


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Energy level: Improved (slightly)
Attitude: Optimistic
Physical Condition: Still tired and nauseous and bionic!

I feel like the Bionic Woman - now that I have a syringe driver to add to my high-tech add-ons. Luckily it is in my right arm so I can still sleep on my left side. I have managed two nights without dislodging it and setting off it's (very insistent) alarm!
Bionic Syringe Driver - dinky eh?
I did notice that  it was made in Lichtenstein and the DN says that they cost many hundreds of pounds each - so I feel lucky.

Yesterday was DAY 5 of Radiotherapy and I made a bit of a faux pas - I turned up at my usual time of 11.50am - then when I looked at my appointment card I saw that we were meant to be there at 2pm. Very slightly early then :-)

I knocked on the Staff Room door and the lovely radiographers said not to worry they would fit me in. Withing a minute I was lying on the machine with my mask fitted snugly round my face. They had a nice selection of Tamla Motown music on - including Dancing in the Street - Martha and the Vandellas I think? I felt like dancing in the street knowing that Week 1 is over and I have the weekend off! Woo!

I have been craving normal and boring though. I was thinking how wonderful it would be if I was bored or hungry or anything normal! Instead of queasy and exhausted and restless. Bring on normality! I would LOVE to be at work today just being my normal self. Chatting to customers, straightening books and eating cookies with Tracy.

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