Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Mask II

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Actually, Jim Carrey turned down The Mask II - so it was never made. I'm made of sterner stuff though as I returned to the hospital to be fitted once again for this bizarre headgear. I won't mention parking again - as it makes everyone mad. Needless to say I went into Reception on my own :-)
Nathan did manage to join me before they called me in though. I had, once again, to lay on the table and they positioned me under a green laser - to make sure I was in the right position. There was a student there as Pat was explaining how they do it and they both  prodded and poked and shifted bits of me left and right until I was under the green crosshair.

Then they produced The Mask and put it on to see how it fitted now that it was completed hardenened.It was really tight - I was quite shocked how it squashed my face and held me rigid - I couldn't open my eyes or mouth at all. They felt that the forehead area was a little too tight so they softened it by warming it with a hairdryer and put it back on, smoothing it down against my skin.

Once they were satisfied they sent us back into Waiting Room B until they were ready to do the CT Scan.

I saw one of the technicians take my face into the room before I went in!

I was called in - this time Nathan couldn't follow as there are huge DANGER X-RAYS signs and red lights outside the door. It was pretty much like the first time. I lay on the bed, the technician put a canula into my arm so that he could connect up the remote control injection device - as they can't stay in the room while it is doing its thing. He was nice enough to ask if I was left or right-handed - so he could put it on the opposite arm. Having watched Junior Doctors I don't think that he was sure that he's got the canula in correctly because he said he was going to "flush it through with some water" - I've seen them do that on TV when they don't think it has actually gone in a vein!

So he pushed some water in and asked if I could feel any burning or stinging. I told him I couldn't - so he seems happy that he'd got it right. Then they put The Mask on and fastened me firmly to the bed.  He left the room saying "We'll watch you through the window - if you need anything just raise your left hand and we'll come back."

It wasn't so much fun this time as my eyes were forced closed and I couldn't see the awesome machine moving and flashing its impressive lights around me. This time I just heard it whirring and gliding and stopping and starting as I moved into it. Then without warning (last time they told me via a speaker) I felt a warmth flushing through me and a metallic taste in my mouth. The Iodine was being injected. There was that weird sensation that I was wetting myself - but luckily I knew from last time that this was just an illusion :-) Even so I still found myself tensing my muscles and trying not to cross my legs to make sure!

At one point I thought I was going to sneeze but I managed to stop myself somehow. It probably would have split The Mask or something.

Anyway it was soon over and once I'd got my plaster on my arm and had drunk a cup of water I was released. They made me promise to drink lots of water during the day to flush the Iodine through. They have given me another appointment on 15th March to have a dummy run on the Simulation machine to make a final check that everything is right before I start the real thing.

It was after 11am when we got out but it was a beautiful day with the sun shining. It was lovely and warm when we got back in the car. Maybe Spring is here early.

Aren't people lovely? Today I had another card from one of my customer (Thanks Mrs Butler!) and yesterday I had one from Tracy's mum, thanks so much! Also I had a card and letter from Caroline the Leader of The Poets who meet in my library. She sent me a poem written by someone who was going through cancer treatment. It is just great and inspirational! I managed to find it on the web - have a look:

When It's All Over by Myra Schneider

Maybe I should compile a list of my own :-)
PS Do you like my wonderful new logo? It was designed for me by the talented Nathan - thank-you
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  1. I'm glad it's going well, m'dear. My very first thought was how pretty the new logo is. :-)