Friday, 8 June 2012

Back behind the desk...


I had an appointment with Occupational Health this morning. So off I went in the pouring rain and gale force winds to get in my car and drive off to Winton House. I remembered that this was the place where you go to take your Theory driving test and was situated opposite Signal Radio. I managed to find a parking space on the road just by the side door, so I wasn't too dripping wet when I got in there.

It was like the Marie Celeste - not a soul in sight. I walked down a corridor, through some doors - with nothing written on them. Eventually I tried some double doors and found a lift - and some signs! I was destined for Floor 3 it seemed so I pressed the lift button. There was much clanking and squeaking and with a shudder the lift doors opened. I stepped inside tentatively and pressed the button with 3 on it. The doors squealed in protest as they closed and the lift wheezed and trembled as it attempted to hoist me into the air and up the building.

It was so old the decor looked like something from a Victorian asylum and I wasn't totally confident I would actually reach my destination. In fact it would be a great location for a horror film. Imagine the doors opening and you'd gone back in time to an horrific old institution and you couldn't find your way out..

Anyway - the doors did eventually manage to part and I was deposited in another blank corridor with a door at the end. After a few more doors I found one that said Occupational Health Reception. I was going to go in - but there was a stern sign on the door instructing anyone with an appointment to go to the waititng room and wait to be called. I did as I was told.

At my appointed time a cheerful nurse came to fetch me and took me through to an examination room. I sat by her desk and we had a chat about how I was doing and what was happening with my treatment. I told her that I was due to have my tube out tomorrow - a final hurdle and that I was dying to get back to work. She said that I might benefit from physiotherapy for my shoulder and arm, but there was no reason I shouldn't go back as soon as my sick note ends. She wanted me to start by doing two half days a week for the first few weeks to see how I feel. So I'll be back on Tuesday 26th June., Yay!!

I rang Terry ( the nicest boss in the world :-) and he agreed that I could go back and do Tuesday and Thursday mornings to start with. It will be quite an exciting time as that is when our new LMS (Library Management System) will be going live that very week. I'll have a lot to learn when I get back!

In the meantime I have been doing more normal things - in fact we played poker on Tuesday night. I didn't win (though Nathan did!) - I guess I am a bit out of practise! But it was great to be bakc there.

So tomorrow I will be having the tube out - not looking forward to the actual procedure but can't wait to get rid of it!

I'll let you know how that goes!

In the meantime - if you are at a loose end and fancy trying a quick (but addictive) game online - on your  PC, laptop or iPad have a look what Nathan has been working on over the last few months:

You can login via Twitter or Facebook - it caused much hilarity when we were all together with the family on Thursday. There are quite a few games on the go - so jump in and have a try. You can look at the Gallery of games if you want to see how it works.
Can you guess who this is meant to be?


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