Friday, 29 June 2012

Off on holiday...

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Squeee - I am pretty excited. I have my case all packed and it's only one more sleep until I go on holiday!

I went to work this morning - which was great fun. I feel like I'm getting to grips with the new system - figured out a few more things. In fact Tracy was in today - so the team is back together. As one customer put it - it's great to see the old firm back behind the desk! He was so pleased that he brought us some Roses chocolates in. I am certainly going to be putting all that weight I lost back on :-)

So Tracy and I had a practice on the system - in fact I had a couple of telephone renewals before she came in - and then we had some new borrowers to add when the latest beginners' computer course started at 12 o'clock. We managed to work most stuff out between us - with a bit of trial and error!

Lots more of the regulars came in - and everyone had a chat and asked how I was doing. It was lovely. Terry came to visit too - to see how I was coping being back at work. He brought me a bouquet of roses - cream and pink - that were just beautiful What did I say about him being a lovely boss? He also brought some for Tracy. Let's face it - she deserves them more as she's been holding the fort while I've been sitting around in my dressing gown.

Stilll - I am REALLY happy to be back. :-)

Seems a bit cheeky to be going off on holiday now - after just returning to work, but we have been looking forward to this trip all the time the treatment has been going on. We weren't sure I'd be fit to go - but as it got closer - we hoped that I would be. Now here I am feeling fine and off to Stansted Airport tomorrow. We are not flying out until Saturday morning, but we just want to make sure we are at the airport on time. We shall stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel at the airport tomorrow night so we can be sure that there'll be no last minute delays!

Then we'll be flying off to Ljubljana - capital of Slovenia. Hopefully we'll be able to get a taxi from there to Bled, where the wedding is taking place. There is a castle and a lake - so it should look stunning for the wedding photographs. Martin is English and Tama is American and they both work in Azerbaijan - so we are not exactly sure why they are getting married in Slovenia - but I'm sure it's a very good idea :-)

So fingers crossed I've remembered to pack everything. I found a nice spotty fifties-style swimsuit in M&S and Nathan picked his suit up from Moss Bros this afternoon - and managed to get it into his case! I do love the "hot pink" accessories :-) So I'll blog more when we get back - and post some photos of Slovenia.

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  1. Have a fabulous time BOTH OF YOU! I'll think of you in your frock - and look you up on a map ;) What an adventure. Lovely to imagine the "old firm" behind the library desk again too.

    Caroline x