Monday, 25 June 2012

Back to Work Tomorrow!

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Today was the last day of me being off sick!

Tomorrow I am back at work. I am pretty excited. Not only will I see my customers again but it is the very day that the new Library Management System goes live at Silverdale. I will have to learn quickly I think. I feel very honoured as both my boss Terry and the top boss Sam are coming over in the morning. Not to see me I'm sure - but to make sure the new system works okay when it comes online!

It's going to be a fun day. Well, I am only there for the morning as part of my phased return. I'm sure I'll be fine though as I feel pretty good. I had my last session of physiotherapy on Wednesday, which was pretty painful so I was glad that I don't have to go again! The shoulder is still quite stiff though - so I have to keep on with the exercises. I have been upgraded to a red stretchy band from the yellow one (which is just for newbies) I have also to massage (or get a lovely partner to) my scar. It breaks down the scar tissue (apparently) so that it looks better in the long run.

I am still getting mouth ulcers and sores - but it doesn't stop me eating! The only thing that is actually worrying me is the state of my hair. I was told it wouldn't fall out with the chemo - but it would get thinner. It certainly has! In fact it is still coming out everytime I wash it or comb or brush it. I am not supposed to wash it very often, which is very hard to do! So I'm sure I'll have bald spots soon! They say not to worry it should come back in six months or so. But if that's all I've got to worry about - it's not bad considering :-)

I had visitors this weekend - from Nelson, place of my birth. My auntie Anne and uncle Anthony came over with Heather, his wife. My parents came over too with my brother and family - and we all went to the Victoria for Sunday lunch. The staff there are just great and so friendly - they can't do enough for you. They happily accomodated us in "the parlour"despite having a huge party going on at the other end of the pub. The food there is wonderful and we all had a great lunch and catch-up. Thry all came back to mine for tea, which was a bit of a tight squeeze - but great fun.

Choirs at the Victoria Hall

Then we had another treat in the evening when I went to see my good friend Janet (not to be confused with my bad friends!) ;-) who was singing at the Victoria Hall. She joined a choir in Stafford in January called the All Woman Choir and they were giving a concert in the Vicky Hall Sunday night. They were joined on stage by the all-male Daleian Choir. it was a really good night - they were singing songs from all genres and eras. I did like "It's Raining Men" and the emotional finale of "You'll Never Walk Alone." I am looking forward to their Christmas concert!

Anyway - it is getting late. I'd better set my alarm and get some sleep before the big day tomorrow!

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