Tuesday, 26 June 2012

All Change at work....

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I got up at 7am this morning. Haven't done that for a while :-)
I was there outside my library at 8.30am opening the shutter over the door. Luckily I remembered the code for the alarm - or it could have been quite noisy for any sleeping neighbours nearby. Didn't take me long to switch on all the computers and open all the shutters around the library. I couldn't remember the login password for the staff machines - so I had to look it up in the staff manual. Pretty soon I had everything up and running. I found a card on my desk from Caroline the poet. She is looking forward to coming back to the library in September with her poetry group - though she would like a little bit of summer first!

Hazel came before opening time with flowers and a hug! That was a nice start to the day. She has been covering for me, from Newcastle, while I've been off. She said she was happy to see me back :-) I was happy to have her there on my first day as she knows how to use the new system! She started to show me how to navigate around it. She's had training - although the system only went live yesterday at Newcastle.

While we were practicing Sam arrived with a lady from Axiell to make our system live! It didn't take long, In fact by the time I'd made a cuppa for them it was done. So on my first day back I was using the new system. I had a few regular customers in - many were surprised to see me back. It was lovely to see them and ask how they were doing.. Mr Coxon even brought me a box of chocolates! Everyone was telling me not to do too much! I felt fine though.

Tracy popped in too - on her day off - to see if I was okay. She brought me such a cute cat card and a oil burner with lavender. She must think I might need help to relax now that I'm back at work! Farida came too - to see if I needed help while Hazel was on her lunch - but I said I'd be fine on my own. She went back to Newcastle as it was really busy there - after we'd had a quick catch-up of course!

The morning just flew by and I think I got the hang of the new system - the basics at least! It seems to be working fine so far. Hope that continues! Looking forward to Thursday and working with Tracy - the old team back together again :-)

This afternoon I got my hair cut. I went to see Laura - who has a salon a few streets away. She knew I'd had chemo and she was very gentle as she gave me a trim. I have a shorter bob now - so it does look a tiny bit thicker. She said it wasn't as bad as she had thought it was going to be and that she thought it would soon grow back.

So I think I'm almost ready for my holiday. Just a few more things to pack - and I think I might need to buy some kind of  sun hat tomorrow as it looks like it has been pretty hot (over 30 degrees) over there the last few days.. I have my Factor 50 lotion already as Mr Hughes told me to be very careful in the sun.

Went over to Stone this evening to see N's parents and eat some of his mum's fantastic cottage pie and carrot cake. They have had a few casualties recently - with birds flying into their patio doors. So they have put a fluffy NPower mascot on a string and put it in the window. I think it's big googly eyes have put the birds off as they reported there had been no fatalities since they put it up. This is very good news :-)

So I am off to bed now - it has been a very busy and exciting day.
Night, night, xx

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