Sunday, 17 June 2012

Normal Week

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I've had a week of getting back to normal - so have been quite busy!
I have been offered some physiotherapy by Occupational Health at work. Aren't they great? I thought that - then I went along last Wednesday to see Matt at Green's Health and Fitness at Britannia Stadium to be assessed. He was very thorough and had a look at my neck and shoulder. He had me moving my head and right arm - to see the extent of the damage. He took me through some stretching exercises that he wants me to do - to gain more mobility on my neck and head. He also concluded that my right arm is weak so gave me some exercises to help with that. He even gave me a big yellow elastic band to help with resistance work.

Then he felt the muscles in my neck (which are rock solid where the radiotherapy happened) and decided to do some hands-on work with them. I had to sit of the edge of his couch and he was behind me and he pressed his thumb and fingers into one of the muscles (he told me the name of each one as he did it - but I can't remember!) and pressed really hard. My word - it really HURT! He said that after 15 seconds the pain would fade - and it did. Then he did several more - and 15 seconds of intense pain is quite a long time I discovered. :-) Still I have to say directly afterwards I could move my head further to the left than I could when I got there. He then made three more appointments for me - every Wednesday and Saturday until I go back to work. He said he was determined to sort me out before I go back! Ow, ow, ow...

How the neck is looking now :-)

I went again yesterday - and he said he could feel that my muscles were a bit better - so he said with relish "I'll be able to go deeper this time." Yes - that DID mean that it hurt more. But if it helps - I guess it's worth it ;-) Two more to go then thank goodness I get back to work!

Talking of which I popped into the library on Saturday. Tracy showed me how to work the backup system that is being used until the new system is fully installed. I had a go and served a customer -it felt great! :-) Saw a couple of regulars and had a chat - which was lovely. Tracy told me that one of my favourite customers had even put the date of my return on his calendar! Hi Mr C :-)

I have taken a photo today of how the neck is looking. Not bad compared to a few short weeks ago :-)

In other news I got my outfit for the wedding in Slovenia! I went with my good friend Janet on Wednesday afternoon. We figured that the easiest and least tiring way to find a new outfit was to make an appointment with the Personal Shoppers at Debenhams. So we arrived at their changing suite and they took a few details - like size, height, what we were looking for, what colours we hated, that kind of thing. Then while we sipped ice-cold drinks and relaxed in the easy chairs they both trundled off with an empty rail on wheels and returned a few minutes later with them full of clothes. Mine was full of dresses and jackets and Jan's was full of smart work wear and suits.

 Now I hardly ever wear dresses (I think I have one in my wardrobe) and I have no idea what kind suit me. But when I saw the red dress on the rail I thought - well I would never have picked that up off the rail myself - but it is quite nice. I tried it on first and I absolutely loved it! It was perfectly proportioned for someone my size and small height :-) Then I tried the next one along - and loved that too. It was green (a colour I don't really like) but it looked so great on. It has a really groovy green belt with it too. I couldn't decide which was nicer. Then I tried on about another twenty dresses - and none compared to these two. I decided that I'd have the red one for the wedding - so the PS went off to find me a jacket that would go with it and then shoes and a bag and a flimsy fascinator for my hair (Nathan calls them "head spiders" - which is quite a good description I think :-)

The Winning Outfit!
 I couldn't leave the green dress behind though - so I decided I'd get that too. As the hotel where the wedding is taking place is a bit posh I thought I could wear it in the evenings for dinner.

I would definitely recommend the Personal Shoppers at Debenhams. The service is absolutely free and there's no pressure to buy loads - but they are so good at finding things that look good on you. I would have never come up with something as good if I'd spent a week in there!

So I am really looking forward to our trip to Slovenia now. Just need to get some Euros and we're all set.

I had a letter yesterday with my appointment for the CT scan - it is tomorrow at 1pm. I am impressed by how quickly that came through. It will take a couple of weeks for the results to come so I am glad that we'll be away for a week. It will take my mind off it nicely :-)

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  1. Love the dress, Berni! Using a personal shopper was an inspiration - a great way to get a whole new angle on yourself! Hope you'll keep doing it - and enjoy the clothes!!! (Hope you'll buy LOTS more dresses - bet you'll look fantastic in them!)