Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Visit to the Nurse

Honey Beer - best medicine!
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Brrr - it's cold outside! Having been cocooned indoors in pyjamas and fluffy dressing gowns and duvets, it came as a shock to step outside today. But I had an appointment with the practise nurse at my doctor's surgery to I had to brave it. I was given a letter to give her from the hospital and they even gave me a couple of the special dressings. They want her to check my wound to see if it looks healthy and is starting to heal and also to change the dressing over the HUGE hole the drain made when it came out.
Heehee - it's probably not that big - it just felt it :-0
Anyway when I walked in she said "What's happened to you?" I told her what I'd had done and she said "A what?" Maybe a Radical Neck Dissection  isn't that common. So I explained what had happened so far. 

She looked very sympathetic and then had a peek at the scar. She said it still looks red around it, but seeing as it is only a week since I had it done, she declared this normal. Then she ripped the big plaster over the drain hole and said "Oh, that is healing BEAUTIFULLY!" I'm glad she was impressed. I asked if we could leave the dressing off but she said that it hadn't quite closed up so I needed a new one on. She did this quickly and smoothly and gave me an appointment for a week's time. So on Valentine's Day I'll be sat in that chair again having my dressing changed.
How romantic :-)

I seem to have cut down a little on the painkillers over the last couple of days. eating still hurts and is very slow though. This is a great way to lose weight. You can only eat a bit before you're exhausted! You look at a chocolate bar and think "Oh no - I can't be bothered. It's too much hard work!" Hmm maybe I will once again fit into those Size 8 jeans that I still have in the back my wardrobe from that time I did the Atkins Diet :-) I'll let you know!

Anyway tomorrow I'm up early to go and see my doctor - he wasn't in this afternoon and I need a sick note. (Or are they called "Fitness notes" now?")

In other exciting news - our local newspaper The Sentinel are interested in doing a feature on me and my CUP. I sent them a link to the blog and they rang me. They are sending a photographer and a reporter round tomorrow morning. It will be in the Good Times/Bad Times section in the Weekend magazine. I'll let you know when!

It will be good to let more people know that this condition exists. I'd never heard of it until I was diagnosed with it. Better go and wash my hair :-)

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