Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentine's Day

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Hello. I hope that you've all had a nice Valentine's Day.

Mine wasn't the best as I am still in pain with this horrible cramp and muscle spasms. I went to see the nurse at my GP's surgery at 1pm and she said that the wound has healed really well and there is no infection at all. She wasn't sure about the cause of the pain though. She said that she's never seen anyone who's had the Radical Neck Dissection before so I really ought to see a doctor to get it checked out. So, I have an appointment  booked for the morning at 8.50am.

It has been really painful again so around 4.30 this afternoon I thought I'd try emailing my specialist nurse, Wendy at the hospital. She said I could ask her anything, so I tried to explain this problem as best I could. She rang right back and said that Mr Hughes is on leave this week, but she would ask one of the other consultants tomorrow and get back to me. She thought that it sounded like nerve pain, but if the doctor thinks I need to be seen this week she'll sort it out. I thought that was really good :-). She suggested getting one of those wheat bags that you can heat up - and I told her I already got one yesterday and have tried it - but it hasn't helped.

So hopefully by tomorrow I might have a solution. I thought I was doing so well too - shame I have a bit of a setback. Still had a nice romantic meal this evening at home. Also had a visit from friends from London this afternoon. (Hi Heidi, Hi Si!) I made some cupcakes this morning so I have plenty left if anyone else wants to visit :-)

In other news, I had a call from The Sentinel photography department. They asked if they could come round and take more photos on Thursday. They said they want to make it a bigger feature so need more pictures.

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