Sunday, 12 February 2012

Fading away?

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Fading a bit?


Here's today's scar picture. I think some of it is fading a bit - what do you reckon? The only thing is, over the last couple of days it has started to pull in a very painful way. People  had said that it might itch so much that it would drive me crazy but this isn't like that.

 It is very difficult to describe, it almost feels like cramp - or as if the edges are trying to pull away from each other really strongly. It gets worse when I go into a cooler temperature and the skin contracts. I tried the painkillers but they don't do anything for it. Nathan has suggested a muscle relaxant like alcohol for example. He's full of good ideas! I have just poured myself a vodka. I'll let you know how that goes :-) *Hic*

Me and Roy Walker from way back!
Meanwhile here's something to make you laugh. this is the photo that I dug out for The Sentinel  the other day, It is the publicity photo from when I did Catchphrase. It was my first ever TV quiz show and I was taken down to Maidstone in Kent an put up in a 5* hotel for several days. All meals were provided and we were chauffeured everywhere. No wonder I got a taste for it! Roy Walker was lovely - although almost as nervous as we were. The thing I most remember is him wandering round the set in his tweedy dressing gown.

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