Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Song to Painkillers :-)

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#Wonderful, wonderful tramadol capsules#

( Sung to the tune of Copenhagen. :-)

What a great painkiller! It has dulled the pain and made it possible to relax and concentrate on things. It's a great feeling! I can still feel the tautness and pulling but it's not so painful.

Something else that made me feel better was a delivery of the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. I've added a couple of photos. Thank-you so much to all the staff at Newcastle Library. They came on just the right day!
Wow - there really was a lot of information to take in yesterday. I'm not sure that I remembered it all but I'm back at the hospital later in the week so I can go through it again. I have decided that the best way to deal with it is to tackle one day at a time. No point worrying about what the side effects might be - I won't get them all!   I'll see what each day brings and deal with that.
Everyone is being so lovely. Our friend Pete arrived last night from Congleton with several cases FULL of films and TV shows on DVDs. There was so much choice! I selected a few that I thought would keep me amused when I've got no energy to do anything else. Do any of you remember Poldark? I remember watching that when I was at school. Cornish historical drama from the BBC. Will be interesing to see that again. We used to use the word Poldark as a euphemism for pregnant at school - but I have no idea why. I will be able to find out. Also chose, among others, a film about Marie Antoinette - as I've recently read a biography about her by Antonia Fraser with my lovely Book Group. Thanks for those Pete!

Now I am off to have a little dance around while the pain is still at bay! If you are pain-free today don't take it for granted - make the most of it! Jump around, do a waltz or whip your hair back and forth - whatever floats your boat.... :-)

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  1. Glad I could do something, m'dear! If there's anything I can do it's provide vast amounts of stuff to watch. ;-) I'm very glad the painkillers are working now.