Sunday, 19 February 2012

I could crush a grape :-)

 Hello again!
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Some of my cards and flowers :-)
Tomorrow is a big day - off to see Mr Hughes, my consultant at Central Outpatients. Hopefully he will be able to give me the results of the biopsies they did on the lumps they removed during the op a couple of weeks ago. Then he should tell me whether I need any radiotherapy or not. I am a little apprehensive, maybe they have discovered where the primary was or can tell me what type of cancer started this all off. That would make it easier to treat, knowing what we are dealing with. I am not looking forward to having radiotherapy - but I think if he says I do need it then I won't mind. It is like a little extra insurance that they have got all those evil little cells! Like Mr Hughes says - "a belt and braces approach". So watch this space tomorrow!

More of my lovely cards and flowers
Meanwhile I am still feeling cramp (Oooh I could crush a grape! :-) The pain seems to have moved today though - so I am feeling happy. It feels like progress. There was quite a bit of skin on my - ahem- chest - and neck that I couldn't bear to touch or have anything touching - not even clothing or a scarf as it felt so unbearable and set off the cramp worse than ever. Now that area has got much smaller, there's just a little patch now on the right side, which is where the cramp has relocated to. So if one bit has stopped I'm sure when these other nerves have managed to get it together - this will stop too! Yay!

On Thursday another photographer from The Sentinel came round as they said they needed more photos for the feature. Sean arrived all bright and breezy and told me he wanted to take me down the marshes for some lovely outdoor shots. I was a little apprehensive, as cold makes the pain worse, but he said he'd whizz us down there in his car. So, as the sun was out I agreed. He asked if I had a brightly coloured coat - maybe a red one? I don't. He settled for my brown jacket with the furry collar and a brightly coloured scarf.

He found a bench for me to sit on and got me to pose with my legs up on the bench. He then stood in the middle of the busy road and fired off loads of shots. I was afraid for his life as cars were zooming up and down.Then he decided I should lean on a tree, with my leg up behind me. He keep saying - "Smile!" I explained that I couldn't really smile as so many nerves had been cut - and he just said "Yeah - but show me some teeth - I know you've got teeth!" I did my best - but goodness knows how these pictures will turn out. It is going to be in next weekend's magazine, if you need a good laugh :-)
I have been trying to get back to normal a little. I did some Parish Council work - just to keep my brain from turning to mush. It felt good! There is only so much Homes Under the Hammer you can watch in a lifetime! Plus, I have got stuck in Bubble Witch Saga on Facebook. So - if any of you play - I need help to break the magic spell and get into the Old Forest! It takes 3 friends to say they'll help - and I need one more. Help me out!! Hmmm,  maybe I am getting into this a little too much...

I did venture out to Morrisons yesterday too - just to get out of the house. The cold made the cramps worse, but doing something normal like browsing around the shelves distracted me for a while.Today I am going to make some cherry scones - as all the fairy cakes from last week have gone. So, if you fancy one feel free to pop round and visit!

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  1. Good luck tomorrow, m'dear! If you want something to distract you, I seem to recall you remarking happily on our DVDs of Poldark. Perhaps I could bring those round?